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Charmed is a fantasy/drama show about the three Halliwell sisters who are witches that always seem to have to save the world, as well as each other, from demons that are constantly on the attack. Unlike most fairy tales, these witches are good witches that are always trying to make the world a better place. Their power comes from the power of three, meaning their powers are strongest when they are together.

Phoebe is played by Alyssa Milano and Piper is played by Holly Marie Combs, both of whom have also wrote and produced some Charmed episodes. The third Halliwell sister was originally Prue, who was played by Shannon Doherty. Unfortunately she didn't survive past season 3, and everyone thought the power of three was no more. Little did they know there was another sister, Paige Matthews, who was played by Rose McGowan. It was found out that she was the daughter of their mother and their mother's "whitelighter".

A whitelighter is put in charge of a witch to help and protect them and also have powers, including the power of healing. Leo was the whitelighter in charge of the charmed ones, who later got married to Piper and had sons Wyatt and Chris.

Another twist in this tale was when Phoebe met Cole, who may have been the only one she ever truly loved, but turned out to actually be a demon who was trying to kill the sisters. He eventually became The Source, who was the leader of the Underworld, and eventually was defeated by the Charmed ones.

Charmed is a fantastic series, evidenced by the eight seasons it was aired. You can now find it on TNT or can even purchase every season on DVD.


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