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Below are the most popular full episodes and TV shows online for the week. Click on the episode title or show image to get details about the episode and find sources to watch it online. Our database is constantly growing and does not include all TV shows.

Demon Child
Show: Ghost Whisperer
Season 1, Episode 17
Air Date: 3/3/2006
Melinda comes across the spirit of an infuriated young boy, who's terrorizing his mother and baby sister.
St. Patrick's Day
Show: The Office
Season 6, Episode 19
Air Date: 3/11/2010
Michael thinks he impressed Jo only to discover someone else in the office caught her eye. Meanwhile, Dwight makes trouble on Jim's first...
Hot Lava vs. Born to Be Wild
Show: Hole in the Wall
Season 2, Episode 2
Air Date: 10/13/2010
Family Feudz vs. Grapes of Wrath
Show: Hole in the Wall
Season 3, Episode 16
Air Date: 7/27/2011
3rd Life
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 3, Episode 12
Air Date: 1/9/2008
When one teenager is found murdered and her best friend is abducted in Chula Vista, California, the BAU assists local authorities in...
Home But Not Alone
Show: Ghost Whisperer
Season 3, Episode 13
Air Date: 4/4/2008
Ned's girlfriend thinks she is being haunted by her father. Melinda tries to help keep the family together.
Internal Affairs
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 11, Episode 9
Air Date: 12/2/2015
After two undercover DEA agents are murdered and a third goes missing, the BAU joins the NSA to investigate whether an underground Internet...
Sick and Evil
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 14, Episode 14
Air Date: 1/30/2019
The BAU leads the investigation into a string of murders taking place in supposedly haunted houses in Lewiston, Maine.
Lost In the Shadows
Show: Ghost Whisperer
Season 5, Episode 9
Air Date: 11/20/2009
When the ghost of a little girl who passed away from leukemia befriends Aiden and threatens Melinda to stay out of her way, Melinda worries...
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 5, Episode 14
Air Date: 2/3/2010
The BAU follows the mental decline of a con artist whose schemes have become so complicated that he begins to eliminate the people involved...
Bust-A-Move vs. Party Posse
Show: Hole in the Wall
Season 2, Episode 7
Air Date: 11/17/2010
Show: Ghost Whisperer
Season 4, Episode 7
Air Date: 11/14/2008
While facing dramatic personal changes, Melinda struggles to help a desperate teenage ghost, feeling her gift of being able to talk to the...
The Uncanny Valley
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 5, Episode 12
Air Date: 1/13/2010
An unusual personal obsession is at the center of a BAU abduction case. Meanwhile, Hotch struggles with his return to work.
Musical Mayhem vs. Big Bro and the Disco Sistas
Show: Hole in the Wall
Season 2, Episode 6
Air Date: 11/10/2010
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 7, Episode 18
Air Date: 3/21/2012
The team hunts for a kidnapper when an emaciated boy is found in the desert and another goes missing.
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 3, Episode 7
Air Date: 11/7/2007
SSA David Rossi returns to the BAU from retirement as the team is called to Montana to investigate the case of four kidnapped and murdered...
Girls Rule, Boys Drool vs. Tidal Wave
Show: Hole in the Wall
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date: 4/18/2011
Snake Eyes
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 7, Episode 13
Air Date: 2/8/2012
The BAU tries their luck in Atlantic City when the team is called in to investigate a series of ritualistic casino-related murders. Also,...
Seek and Destroy
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 12, Episode 10
Air Date: 1/11/2017
The BAU team investigates a series of home invasions in upscale neighborhoods in San Diego involving casualties.
Love Never Dies
Show: Ghost Whisperer
Season 2, Episode 1
Air Date: 9/22/2006
Melinda worries that Andrea is being influenced not to cross over. Melinda seeks the help of an expert in history and the occult in helping...
Profiling 101
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 7, Episode 22
Air Date: 5/9/2012
Rossi and the team teach college students the science of criminal profiling by taking the class through a serial-killer case that spanned 20...
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 8, Episode 15
Air Date: 2/20/2013
The BAU heads to Austin to investigate victims found there with their watches set inaccurately, a clue which may connect the crimes....
The Underneath
Show: Ghost Whisperer
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date: 9/28/2007
Jennifer goes to Melinda’s store to sell some belongings that came from her deceased parent’s house. Melinda then helps Jennifer with her...
The Super Supers vs. Buff and Bronze
Show: Hole in the Wall
Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date: 12/1/2010
Blood Relations
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 9, Episode 20
Air Date: 4/2/2014
Two murder victims are found in a West Virginia backwoods community. The investigation reveals that the homicides may be linked to a...
Memento Mori
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 16, Episode 9
Air Date: 2/2/2023
Rossi will go to any lengths to prove that Elias Voit is Sicarius. But Voit turns Rossi into his own worst enemy, putting his future at the...
Scared to Death
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 3, Episode 3
Air Date: 10/10/2007
The BAU travels to Portland to assist local authorities in investigating the disappearances of people who are new to the city and have no...
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 4, Episode 4
Air Date: 10/22/2008
The BAU joins the manhunt to catch a serial killer who conceals the manner of his crimes by staging car accidents.
Heathridge Manor
Show: Criminal Minds
Season 7, Episode 19
Air Date: 4/4/2012
The BAU team heads to Oregon to investigate a series of gothic, ritualistic murders.
Customer Loyalty
Show: The Office
Season 9, Episode 12
Air Date: 1/24/2013
Dwight tries to stop Darryl from moving to Jim's start-up company. Jim misses his daughter's first recital, to Pam's dismay. Nellie spills...

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