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Combat Hospital
Combat hospital is a drama series from Canada that was previously referred to as the Hot Zone. The plot of this drama was set in Afghanistan in a location called Kandahar in the year 2006. The drama surrounds the lifestyle of medical personnel from ISAF with specific reference to the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and Germany in a military hospital.

The drama has got a powerful cast which is inclusive of characters such as Deborah Kara Unger who plays the role of and Army psychiatrist, Luke Mably who is referred to as Dr Simon Hill a British neurosurgeon, Michelle Borth who is a surgeon, Elias Kotea who acts as a Colonel in the Canadian forces, Terry Chen is a captain in the USA army and finally Arnold Pinnock takes the role of Will Royal who is a Canadian Forces commander and the head of Nursing.

The concept of Combat Hospital was introduced by Jinder Ouijla Chalmers and with the help of Douglas Steinberg the show was put forth for consideration. Once the show was selected for further development, Jinder traveled to Afghanistan to carry out more research. The show was later produced by Sienna Films. Before the actual production, Morocco has been considered as a suitable destination for filming.
Tuesday at 10:00 PM on Global
June 21, 2011
60 minutes


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