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The gripping television series “Intervention” features a struggling alcoholic or drug addict and their family’s desperate attempt to help them enter sobriety. Each episode is dedicated to one or more characters. The show begins with the addict introducing themselves as any ordinary person would. Then the dramatic announcement follows: “I’m addicted to meth or heroin.” In each episode, the participant specifies the problem that has taken over their lives. Family members discuss their feelings, fears, and hopes on camera.

A biographical sketch of the addict is given, beginning at birth, followed by childhood, as well as significant events in their lives. This especially applies to the participant’s drug use, or events that may have led to it. Then, family and friends gather for the pre-intervention. A hand-picked interventionist works with the family to determine the best way to ensure the person accepts treatment. Often, boundaries are set such as no longer financially supporting the addict, or no longer permitting them to live at their current residence. Some of these so-called “bottom lines” can become extreme, such as calling the police if the addict refuses treatment.

The choice of interventionist per addict is significant. Candy Finnigan is usually chosen for situations that involve children. She is very compassionate, whereas Ken Sealy is more firm, but has a knack for getting the family on the same page. Jeff VanVonderen is more casual in his approach which puts the addict at ease. Each episode culminates in the character making a decision. Most choose to enter treatment, but some refuse the offer.


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