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Rules of Engagement
Rules of Engagement follows the different points of view with regards to relationships. To know what it’s like to be single, engaged and married for many years. This comedic experience follows the lives of Jeff and Audrey Bingham played by Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price (the old married couple), Adam and Jennifer Rhodes played by Oliver Hudson and Bianca Kajlich (newly engaged), and the overly hormonal Russell Dunbar played by David Spade.

Produced by Happy Madison (Adam Sandler), Rules of Engagement first aired in February 5, 2007 to great reviews and was picked up for a second season. Due to the Writer’s Strike of 2007, which lasted two years, taping of the show was interrupted but returned in April of 2009. Again the show was picked up for a third and then a fourth season.

Award winning writers of the comedy sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond are attached to the show Rules of Engagement, creating a realistic and funny view of how both sexes view the world and each other.

Patrick Warburton, best known for his portrayal as David Puddy on Seinfeld, had worked with David Spade before on the animated feature film Kuzco by Walt Disney. He plays the happily married Jeff Bingham who doesn’t believe there are any more surprises in his relationship. Megyn Price of “Will & Grace” and “The Drew Carey Show” plays Audrey who like Jeff thinks they’ve seen and done it all.

Oliver Hudson, the son of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, plays Adam who is recently engaged and truly believes that marriage will be anything but trouble but finds out it has its ups and downs. Bianca Kajich, once an Olympic Ballet Theater dancer plays Jennifer, Adams fiancée.

David Spade of “Saturday Night Live” and “Just Shoot Me” fame plays Russell, a single womanizer who falls short with the ladies.
Monday at 8:30 PM on CBS
February 5, 2007
30 minutes


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Rules of Engagement Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Rules of Engagement with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1Flirting with Disaster9/24/2007
  • Episode 1Russell's Secret3/2/2009
  • Episode 1Surro-gate9/20/2010
  • Episode 1Flirting3/1/2010
  • Episode 1Pilot2/5/2007
  • Episode 1Liz Moves In2/4/2013
  • Episode 1Dirty Talk10/20/2011
  • Episode 2Bros Before Nodes10/27/2011
  • Episode 2Taking Names2/11/2013
  • Episode 2The Birthday Deal2/12/2007
  • Episode 2Snoozin' for a Bruisin'3/8/2010
  • Episode 2The Bank9/27/2010
  • Episode 2Voluntary Commitment3/9/2009
  • Episode 2Audrey's Sister10/1/2007
  • Episode 3Mr. Fix-It10/8/2007
  • Episode 3Jeff's New Friend3/16/2009
  • Episode 3Rug-of-War10/4/2010
  • Episode 3Atlantic City3/15/2010
  • Episode 3Young and the Restless2/19/2007
  • Episode 3Cats & Dogs2/18/2013
  • Episode 3Audrey is Dumb11/3/2011
  • Episode 4Nature Calls11/10/2011
  • Episode 4Cupcake2/25/2013
  • Episode 4Game On2/26/2007
  • Episode 4Ghost Story3/22/2010
  • Episode 4Handy Man10/11/2010
  • Episode 4Dad's Visit3/23/2009
  • Episode 4Guy Code10/15/2007
  • Episode 5Bag Ladies10/22/2007
  • Episode 5Lyin' King3/30/2009
  • Episode 5Play Ball10/18/2010
  • Episode 5The Four Pillars3/29/2010
  • Episode 5Kids3/5/2007
  • Episode 5Fountain of Youth3/4/2013
  • Episode 5Shy Dial11/17/2011
  • Episode 6Baby Talk3/11/2013
  • Episode 6Cheating12/8/2011
  • Episode 6Hard Day's Night3/12/2007
  • Episode 63rd Wheel4/5/2010
  • Episode 6Baked10/25/2010
  • Episode 6Poaching Timmy4/13/2009
  • Episode 6Old School Jeff10/29/2007
  • Episode 7Engagement Party11/5/2007
  • Episode 7Old Timer's Day4/20/2009
  • Episode 7Mannequin Head Ball11/1/2010
  • Episode 7Indian Giver4/12/2010
  • Episode 7Jeff's Wooby3/19/2007
  • Episode 7Role Play3/18/2013
  • Episode 7The Chair12/15/2011
  • Episode 8Catering3/25/2013
  • Episode 8Scavenger Hunt3/29/2012
  • Episode 8Free Free Time4/19/2010
  • Episode 8Les-bro11/8/2010
  • Episode 8Twice4/27/2009
  • Episode 8Fix-Ups & Downs11/12/2007
  • Episode 9A Visit from Fay11/19/2007
  • Episode 9The Challenge5/4/2009
  • Episode 9The Big Picture11/15/2010
  • Episode 9The Score4/26/2010
  • Episode 9A Big Bust4/5/2012
  • Episode 9Cooking Class4/15/2013
  • Episode 10Unpleasant Surprises4/22/2013
  • Episode 10After the Lovin'4/12/2012
  • Episode 10The Surrogate5/3/2010
  • Episode 10Fun Run11/22/2010
  • Episode 10Family Style5/11/2009
  • Episode 10Time Share4/14/2008
  • Episode 11Jen at Work4/21/2008
  • Episode 11May Divorce Be with You5/13/2009
  • Episode 11Refusing to Budget12/6/2010
  • Episode 11Reunion5/10/2010
  • Episode 11Missed Connections4/19/2012
  • Episode 11Timmy Quits4/29/2013
  • Episode 12A Wee Problem5/6/2013
  • Episode 12The Five Things4/26/2012
  • Episode 12Harassment5/17/2010
  • Episode 12Little Bummer Boy12/13/2010
  • Episode 12House Money5/18/2009
  • Episode 12Optimal Male4/28/2008
  • Episode 13Russell's Father's Son5/5/2008
  • Episode 13Sex Toy Story5/18/2009
  • Episode 13The Home Stretch1/3/2011
  • Episode 13They Do?5/24/2010
  • Episode 13Meat Wars5/3/2012
  • Episode 13100th5/20/2013
  • Episode 14Goodbye Dolly5/10/2012
  • Episode 14Uh-Oh It's Magic1/17/2011
  • Episode 14Buyer's Remorse5/12/2008
  • Episode 15Pimp My Bride5/19/2008
  • Episode 15Singing and Dancing2/7/2011
  • Episode 15Audrey's Shower5/17/2012
  • Episode 16Jeff Day2/24/2011
  • Episode 17Zygote3/3/2011
  • Episode 18Anniversary Chicken3/10/2011
  • Episode 19The Set Up3/31/2011
  • Episode 20Beating the System4/7/2011
  • Episode 21The Jeff Photo4/28/2011
  • Episode 22Double Down5/5/2011
  • Episode 23The Power Couple5/12/2011
  • Episode 24The Last of the Red Hat Lovers5/19/2011

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