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2010 totesport.com Players Championship

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2010 totesport.com Players Championship
More Players Championship Finals coverage and information
The £250,000 event will be played from January 28-31, 2010 at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet, Essex, and features the leading 32 players from the PDC 2009 Players Championship Order of Merit.
World number one Phil Taylor, the reigning champion after his victory in last year's inaugural event, will take on his long-time rival Manley at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet in a repeat of three World Championship finals the pair contested at the famous venue.

Their game will be played amongst eight first round clashes on the opening night of the totesport.com Players Championship on Thursday January 28.

Schedule of Play
Thursday January 28
First Round
7.10pm Colin Lloyd v Denis Ovens
7.45pm Steve Beaton v Tony Eccles
8.20pm Dennis Priestley v Paul Nicholson
8.55pm Alan Tabern v Andy Hamilton
9.30pm Terry Jenkins v Vincent van der Voort
10.05pm Phil Taylor v Peter Manley
10.40pm Robert Thornton v Kevin Painter
11.15pm Adrian Lewis v Brendan Dolan

Friday January 29
7.10pm Wayne Jones v Andy Smith
7.45pm Wes Newton v Peter Wright
8.20pm Colin Osborne v Co Stompe
8.55pm Mark Walsh v Steve Hine
9.30pm Gary Anderson v Jelle Klaasen
10.05pm James Wade v Mervyn King
10.40pm Ronnie Baxter v Mark Dudbridge
11.15pm Jamie Caven v Michael van Gerwen

Saturday January 30
Second Round
1.10pm Beaton/Eccles v Priestley/Nicholson
2.10pm Lloyd/Ovens v Thornton/Painter
3.10pm Walsh/Hine v Jones/Smith
4.10pm Newton/Wright v Baxter/Dudbridge

7.10pm Lewis/Dolan v Tabern/Hamilton
8.10pm Anderson/Klaasen v Wade/King
9.10pm Taylor/Manley v Jenkins/van der Voort
10.10pm Osborne/Stompe v Caven/van Gerwen

Sunday January 31
1.10pm Beaton/Eccles/Priestley/Nicholson v Lewis/Dolan/Tabern/Hamilton
2.10pm Newton/Wright/Baxter/Dudbridge v Osborne/Stompe/Caven/van Gerwen
3.10pm Taylor/Manley/Jenkins/van der Voort v Lloyd/Ovens/Thornton/Painter
4.10pm Walsh/Hine/Jones/Smith v Anderson/Klaasen/Wade/King

Order of play to be decided by toss of coin



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