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2010 FIFA World Cup

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2010 FIFA World Cup
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The 2010 FIFA World Cup takes place in South Africa this year, marking the first time that the world’s top football/soccer tournament takes place in an African nation. The FIFA World Cup takes places every four years, which means fans have been waiting for a long time to see who will come out on top. The winning country will then have bragging rights for the next four years so a lot is at stake during the month-long tournament.

After a great soccer World Cup in Germany in 2006, Italy won their fourth world crown and triumphed over France in a thrilling finale that wasn’t decided until the penalty shootout. The match became the talking point of the world for weeks afterward thanks to the nail-biting finale which also featured legendary French player Zinedine Zidane earning a red card for headbutting the Italian player Marco Materazzi during the overtime. With so many incredible players striving for national pride as well as prize money, this year is sure to be every bit as competitive and exciting.

In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Italy is expected to defend its crown vigorously. France has a good shot at avenging their 2006 last-minute loss. Spain is another really strong contender as they won the last Euro Cup and have a lot of top-rated players. Teams like Germany, England, Brazil, and Argentina have also put together really strong teams and have a really good chance at the victory.

This year’s matches will begin on June 11. 420 million dollars in prize money are up for grabs, with the winners receiving a whopping sum of 30 million dollars. Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world and an unprecedented number of viewers are expected throughout the competition and particularly for the finale on July 11.

Eleven is the magic number for the special ball that will be used this year. As the 2010 FIFA World Cup will begin on June 11 and end on July 11, the ball will feature eleven colors. Eleven is also the number of official languages in South Africa and it is also the eleventh time the official ball has been made by Adidas. This exciting international tournament even has its own video game.

With so much hype surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the whole world will be tuned in to see what happens.

FIFA has been embracing the web and the 2006 FIFA World Cup had streaming options available for viewers in many countries. We’re hoping 2010 is better and you will be able to find more World Cup action live online. Some people will be lucky enough to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches live online and on demand. We’ll be bringing you the broadcasters and websites around the world with coverage rights to show it.

Please note: geographical restrictions may apply.

Group A     Group B Group C Group D
 South Africa Argentina England Germany
 Mexico NigeriaUSA Australia
 Uruguay Korea Republic Algeria Serbia
 France Greece Slovenia  Ghana

Group E
 Group F
Group G
Group H
 Netherlands Italy Brazil Spain
 Denmark Paraguay Korea DPR Switzerland
 Japan New Zealand Côte d'Ivoire Honduras
 Cameroon Slovakia Portugal Chile


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    Something happen with ESPN3? It was working great all week and then tonight I'm getting the restricted access window.
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    Sorry to hear that, NohemiC. Where are you located? Did you try all of the sites listed above? Unfortunately, every site has its own restrictions and regulations and there's nothing we at Find Internet TV can do, but maybe you're able to watch via a site outside your country. Good luck!
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    I hate this shit so much I cant watch the game.... im stoked in my office trying to watch it online and nothing fucking works....
    It sucks... Im so desperate!!!!! I want to watchet so bad....
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    This is the time every 4 years billions look forward to witness the greatest team sport in the world. Everyone come together - no politics/race/religion is the between the best of the world. All the best and good luck to all and may the best team be crowned with the WORLD CUP 2010.
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