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College Football Live Online 11/6/2010

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College Football Live Online 11/6/2010
More NCAA College Football coverage and information
The 2010-2011 college football season is here and you can catch more games live online than ever! Week nine provided us with some top ten upsets including #6 Missouri losing to Nebraska 31-17 and #5 Michigan State losing to Iowa 37-6. In other upsets, Virginia knocked off #22 Miami 24-19.

The top 10 ranks saw some shifting of spots as Missouri and Michigan State dropped out. Oregon swapped spots with Auburn and took over the prized, or dreaded, #1 spot. Nebraska and LSU moved into the top 10.

Conference games continue this week. Week ten will provide some exciting in-conference matchups for college football fans online. Just some of the notable matches online include Arkansas versus South Carolina and Arizona will line up against Stanford.

Check back and we will update the schedule of live college football online on a weekly basis. Use the search in the top right to also find other college football videos and news with the latest standings, rankings, and scores.

Below are the games that will be available on the ESPN Network. Check with the individual options to see whether they are streamed online via GamePlan, ESPN Player, or ESPN3.

12:00 PM ET - North Carolina State vs. Clemson
12:00 PM ET - Illinois vs. Michigan
12:00 PM ET - Virginia vs. Duke
12:00 PM ET - Louisville vs. Syracuse
12:30 PM ET - Florida vs. Vanderbilt
12:30 PM ET - Idaho State vs. Georgia
12:30 PM ET - Charleston Southern vs. Kentucky
01:00 PM ET - Chattanooga vs. Auburn
03:30 PM ET - Washington vs. Oregon
03:30 PM ET - Hawaii vs. Boise State
03:30 PM ET - Nebraska vs. Iowa State
03:30 PM ET - North Carolina vs. Florida State
03:30 PM ET - Boston College vs. Wake Forest
03:30 PM ET - Northwestern vs. Penn State
04:00 PM ET - Fresno State vs. Louisiana Tech
05:00 PM ET - Nevada vs. Idaho
07:00 PM ET - Arkansas vs. South Carolina
07:30 PM ET - Louisiana-Monroe vs. Florida International
08:00 PM ET - Missouri vs. Texas Tech
08:00 PM ET - Arizona vs. Stanford
08:00 PM ET - Texas vs. Kansas State

Some games may be subject to blackout.

The following games will be available on CBSSports.com ULive:

1:00 PM ET - Bucknell vs. Fordham   
1:00 PM ET - Dayton vs. Drake   
1:00 PM ET - Lafayette vs. Colgate   
1:00 PM ET - Rhode Island vs. Villanova   
2:00 PM ET - ISU vs. Youngstown State   
2:00 PM ET - Rice vs. Tulsa   
3:00 PM ET - Samford vs. Wofford     
3:30 PM ET - ECU vs. Navy   
3:30 PM ET - Richmond vs. James Madison   
3:30 PM ET - Tulane vs. Southern Miss
3:30 PM ET - UMass vs. Maine
9:05 PM ET - SMU vs. UTEP


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