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NFL Live Online - Week 9 - Sunday 11/7/2010

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NFL Live Online - Week 9 - Sunday 11/7/2010
More National Football League (NFL) coverage and information
The 2010-2011 NFL football season is here and you can catch more games online than ever! Week eight provided more surprises as some of the top teams were upset. Pittsburgh has been flying high this year but were dealt a loss by New Orleans. Likewise, Tennessee has also been playing well but somehow San Diego rose to the occasion and pulled out a win. Dallas does not look like they will be attending the Super Bowl in their own stadium this year unless they can pull off 9 wins in a row now.

The moral of the story is--just because a team did well the first few weeks doesn't mean anything this season. Last week I said Pittsburgh and the Jets were showing stability and look what happened? It goes to show that any game this year is up for grabs.

Week nine of the 2010-2011 NFL football regular season kicks off on Sunday, Nov. 7th. Check back and we will update the schedule on a weekly basis.

NFL Game Pass HD will allow football fans outside of North America to watch every NFL game live and online in its entirety. NFL Game Pass is not available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Antigua, and U.S. Territories.

DIRECTV will be offering the To-Go service for 2010 NFL SUNDAY TICKET customers to access their games live on their PC. DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket customers who subscribe to the To-Go service will have the entire weekly lineup of live NFL Sunday Ticket games streamed online to their PC, laptop, or mobile device every Sunday during the 2010 NFL regular season through DirecTV's Sunday Ticket To-Go player.

Lastly, one of the most exciting announcements this year is that if you aren't available to watch the games live like those in Europe, you can now catch them on-demand, commercial free, and in HD with NFL Game Rewind.

1:00 PM ET - Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta
1:00 PM ET - Chicago vs. Buffalo
1:00 PM ET - New England vs. Cleveland
1:00 PM ET - NY Jets vs. Detroit
1:00 PM ET - New Orleans vs. Carolina
1:00 PM ET - Miami vs. Baltimore
1:00 PM ET - San Diego vs. Houston
1:00 PM ET - Arizona vs. Minnesota
4:05 PM ET - NY Giants vs. Seattle
4:15 PM ET - Indianapolis vs. Philadelphia
4:15 PM ET - Kansas City vs. Oakland
8:20 PM ET - Dallas vs. Green Bay 


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