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NFL Live Online - Week 17 - Sunday 1/1/2012

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NFL Live Online - Week 17 - Sunday 1/1/2012
More National Football League (NFL) coverage and information
The 2011-2012 NFL football season is here and you can catch more games live online than ever! In week sixteen, teams weren't able to clinch their divisions so there's a lot of drama headed into week 17. Green Bay and New Orleans, however, continued to show they are the teams to beat with the Packers beating the Bears 35-21 and the Saints crushing the Falcons 45-16. Denver was unable to beat Buffalo, who whiped them 40-14. Oakland was able to pull out a field goal in overtime to beat Kansas City 16-13. The NY Giants looked good against NY Jets beating them 29-14. It didn't look so good for the Dallas Cowboys, who lost to Philadelphia 20-7 and had Romo go out with a hand injury. Detroit looked very good with an impressive 38-10 win over the Chargers. Seattle has really came on the second half of the season and even gave the red-hot 49ers trouble but still lost 17-19.

Will Dallas or the Giants clinch the NFC East division? Will Denver or Oakland be able to claim the AFC West? Week seventeen of the 2011-2012 NFL football regular season continues on New Years Day, Sunday, Jan. 1st, 2012. Happy New Year!

NFL Game Pass HD will allow football fans outside of North America to watch every NFL game live and online in its entirety. NFL Game Pass is not available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Antigua, and U.S. Territories.

DIRECTV will be offering the To-Go service for 2011 NFL SUNDAY TICKET customers to access their games live and in HD on their PC, iPhone, tablet, select Android, and Blackberry devices. DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket customers who subscribe to the SUNDAY TICKET To-Go service will have the entire weekly lineup of live NFL Sunday Ticket games streamed online to their PC, laptop, or mobile device every Sunday during the 2011 NFL regular season through DirecTV's Sunday Ticket To-Go player.

Lastly, if you aren't available to watch the games live, you can now catch them on-demand, commercial free, and in HD with NFL Game Rewind.

1:00 PM ET - Carolina vs. New Orleans
1:00 PM ET - Buffalo vs. New England
1:00 PM ET - Chicago vs. Minnesota
1:00 PM ET - NY Jets vs. Miami
1:00 PM ET - San Francisco vs. St. Louis
1:00 PM ET - Detroit vs. Green Bay
1:00 PM ET - Washington vs. Philadelphia
1:00 PM ET - Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville
1:00 PM ET - Tennessee vs. Houston
4:15 PM ET - Seattle vs. Arizona
4:15 PM ET - Kansas City vs. Denver
4:15 PM ET - Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta
4:15 PM ET - Baltimore vs. Cincinnati
4:15 PM ET - Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland
4:15 PM ET - San Diego vs. Oakland
8:20 PM ET - Dallas vs. NY Giants


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