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Watch Arrested Development Online

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Arrested Development
Arrested Development is a hysterically clever and witty series based around the Bluth family. The Bluths, a family of means, hold a delusional sense of entitlement to the family business and the world. If it were not for Michael Bluth, the family would fall apart, and Arrested Development would not be as brilliant.

George Senior is the quintessential man of the house. He enjoys creating situations to motivate his children to fight for his approval. His wife Lucille is frequently manipulating and deceiving her children into doing favors for her they would prefer not to. Gob, not pronounced as it looks, is the eldest of the Bluth children.

Gob is constantly scheming his way back into the Magician’s Alliance, as well as constantly seeking the approval everyone. Michael is the glue to the dysfunctional family cohesiveness, although he is often thinking of leaving the family behind. Lindsay, Tobias, and Maybe Fünke are a constant drain to Michael’s patience. Lindsay is his twin sister.

Tobias, a former psychiatrist turned struggling actor, struggles to find his place in the family. Their daughter Maeby is extraordinarily clever in some ways, and not so much in others. She often drags her cousin into her shenanigans. George Michael is the son of Michael Bluth. He is very much his father’s son. He is often helping his uncle Buster. Buster is the youngest of the Bluth’s grown children and has not yet left home. Combined, the Arrested Development characters formulate the perfect series for viewers seeking intellectual comedy stimulation.


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