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Ax Men
Ax Men is a great show that is produced by History formerly known as the History Channel. It is a reality show that follows the lives of men who fall trees for a living. During the first season of Ax Men we met a few different timber falling companies.

The first company was the Browning crew, which is a multi-million dollar operation run by Jay Browning. Jay also employs his son Jessie who can be a hot head at times but hopes to take over his father’s business some day. Jay works very hard and expects the best out of his employees. He lost most of one of his hands but made his own prosthesis so that he can still cut down trees. His company usually is always ahead at the end of the load counts.

The second company was the Pihl Company run by Mike Pihl. This company certainly brings the drama to Ax Men. The main characters on this crew include Dwayne Dethlefs and his son Dustin. Both are never at a loss for words and always speak their minds.

The third company was Stump Branch run by Melvin Lardy. This crew was small and took the jobs that No One else wanted. In season two of Ax Men, the crew does not appear.

The fourth company was Gustafson which was run by site boss Darrell. The company worked hard and was very productive. However, they also did not appear in season two of the series.

There were three new additions to the series, Rygaard, R and R Conner Aviation and S and S Aqua Logging. R and R Conner Aviation is a heli-logging operation. They had issues with finding a second pilot but they did well considering all the issues that they had to contend with. Rygaard had an issue with Brad the green horn who eventually quit working for the Rygaards. The Rygaard crew actually did better than Jay Browning’s crew which was surprising. S and S Aqua Logging features a father and son trying to do aqua logging, they managed to get ten logs out of the river to make fire places with.

Ax Men is a great series which documents real men who risk their lives to harvest trees from the forest. These men have a great work ethic and respect the forest. They deal with weather, health, and personal issues all in front of the camera. This show is a great reality show.
Sunday at 9:00 PM on The History Channel
March 9, 2008
60 minutes


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