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Better Off Ted
Ted (Jay Harrington) is the head of R&D at Veridian Dynamics, where no idea is too crazy. He's handsome, successful, and conscientious, and he's a single father to Rose. Ted is the liaison between management and workers, holding everyone together.

Veronica (Portia de Rossi) is his boss. Veronica is cold, heartless, without a conscious, emotions, or a hair out of place. She is willing to do anything for the company and for her own success. She and Ted once had a fling; she occasionally helps him or his employees, but usually she is only out for herself.

Linda (Andrea Anders) is in testing. She wants Ted, but he's already used up his self-imposed one office affair. She is the team's moral compass, refusing to compromise her principles.

Phil (Jonathan Slavin) and Lem (Malcolm Barrett) are the brilliant R&D scientists. Lem is more logical and rational, while Phil is more driven by his emotions.

Rose (Isabella Acres) is Ted's daughter. Her precocious questions about Veridian's experiments and products sometimes make Ted realize how unscrupulous she's being. She wants Linda and Ted together, but neither will completely admit they want a relationship.

The show also features hilarious commercials for Veridian. An example is "Everyone is Special" where the words start off saying how everyone is special, we celebrate your specialness, you're irreplaceable, etc. All while showing worker ants, honeybees, people on Exercycle, etc., clearly demonstrating their true opinion.
March 18, 2009
30 minutes


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Better Off Ted Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Better Off Ted with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1Pilot3/18/2009
  • Episode 1Love Blurts12/8/2009
  • Episode 1Behind the ScenesNot Available
  • Episode 2The Lawyer, The Lemur and the Little Listener12/15/2009
  • Episode 2Heroes3/25/2009
  • Episode 3Through Rose-Colored HAZMAT Suits4/1/2009
  • Episode 3Battle of the Bulbs12/22/2009
  • Episode 4It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal12/29/2009
  • Episode 4Racial Sensitivity4/8/2009
  • Episode 5Win Some, Dose Some4/15/2009
  • Episode 5The Great Repression1/1/2010
  • Episode 6Goodbye, Mr. Chips4/22/2009
  • Episode 6Beating a Dead Workforce1/5/2010
  • Episode 7Change We Can't Believe In1/5/2010
  • Episode 7Get Happy5/5/2009
  • Episode 8You Are the Boss of Me6/23/2009
  • Episode 8The Impertence of Communicationizing1/12/2010
  • Episode 9The Long and Winding High Road1/12/2010
  • Episode 9Bioshuffle6/30/2009
  • Episode 10Trust and Consequences7/14/2009
  • Episode 10Lust in Translation1/19/2010
  • Episode 11Mess of a Salesman1/26/2010
  • Episode 11Father, Can You Hair Me?7/21/2009
  • Episode 12Jabberwocky8/11/2009
  • Episode 12It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To8/17/2010
  • Episode 13Swag the Dog8/24/2010
  • Episode 13Secrets and Lives8/11/2009

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