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Watch Falling Skies Online

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Falling Skies
Falling Skies grabs the viewer with compelling story and great effects. The Earth has been invaded by an alien race, and a fledgling resistance of humans search to find ways to both survive and strike back. The aliens managed to wipe out approximately 90% of the human race. The invaders (called Skitters) capture children and attach harnesses along their spines, turning them into seemingly mindless slaves. Meanwhile, the resistance struggles to find a way to free the children without killing them.

Falling Skies cast:

Noah Wyle as Tom Mason, a former Professor of History that becomes the 2nd in command of the group of resistance fighters called the “2nd Massachusetts”. His son, Ben, was captured and harnessed by the Skitters.

Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass, the medic for the group. She is a Pediatrician originally but was forced to become a battlefield medic.

Drew Roy as Hal Mason, Tom’s oldest son. A teenager forced to fight and work a scout for the 2nd Mass.

Jessy Schram as Karen Nadler, girlfriend to Hal, lost her family in the invasion, now also a scout.

Peter Shinkoda as Dai, Tom Mason’s right hand in the field. Always ready to watch his back

Will Patton as Captain Weaver, Commander of the 2nd Mass. Weaver is a retired active military who served in the Gulf War. He often clashes with Anne about care of the Unit.

Falling Skies was created by Robert Rodat. The Executive Producers include Steven Spielberg, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Robert Rodat, and Graham Yost.
Sunday at 10:00 PM on TNT
June 24, 2011
60 minutes


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Falling Skies Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Falling Skies with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1Live and Learn6/19/2011
  • Episode 1Sneak PeekNot Available
  • Episode 1Worlds Apart6/17/2012
  • Episode 1On Thin Ice6/9/2013
  • Episode 1Ghost in the Machine6/22/2014
  • Episode 1Find Your Warrior6/28/2015
  • Episode 2Falling Skies Panel at Comic-Con July 22, 20117/22/2011
  • Episode 2Hunger Pains7/5/2015
  • Episode 2The Eye6/29/2014
  • Episode 2Collateral Damage6/9/2013
  • Episode 2Shall We Gather at the River?6/17/2012
  • Episode 2The Armory6/19/2011
  • Episode 3Prisoner of War6/26/2011
  • Episode 3Compass6/24/2012
  • Episode 3Badlands6/16/2013
  • Episode 3Exodus7/6/2014
  • Episode 3Hatchlings7/12/2015
  • Episode 3Unanswered Questions: Season 2 Sneek PeekNot Available
  • Episode 4Sneak Peek Season 36/6/2013
  • Episode 4Pope Breaks Bad7/19/2015
  • Episode 4Evolve or Die7/13/2014
  • Episode 4At All Costs6/23/2013
  • Episode 4Young Bloods7/1/2012
  • Episode 4Grace7/3/2011
  • Episode 5Silent Kill7/10/2011
  • Episode 5Love and Other Acts of Courage7/8/2012
  • Episode 5Search and Recover6/30/2013
  • Episode 5Mind Wars7/20/2014
  • Episode 5Non-Essential Personnel7/26/2015
  • Episode 5ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 1 - Hal and Ben6/3/2014
  • Episode 6ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 2 - Pope6/6/2014
  • Episode 6Respite8/2/2015
  • Episode 6Door Number Three7/27/2014
  • Episode 6Be Silent and Come Out7/7/2013
  • Episode 6Homecoming7/15/2012
  • Episode 6Sanctuary (1)7/17/2011
  • Episode 7Sanctuary (2)7/24/2011
  • Episode 7Molon Labe7/22/2012
  • Episode 7The Pickett Line7/14/2013
  • Episode 7Saturday Night Massacre8/3/2014
  • Episode 7Everybody Has Their Reasons8/9/2015
  • Episode 7ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 3 - Maggie6/11/2014
  • Episode 8ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 4 - Lourdes6/11/2014
  • Episode 8Stalag 14th Virginia8/16/2015
  • Episode 8A Thing with Feathers8/10/2014
  • Episode 8Strange Brew7/21/2013
  • Episode 8Death March8/5/2012
  • Episode 8What Hides Beneath7/31/2011
  • Episode 9Mutiny8/7/2011
  • Episode 9The Price of Greatness8/12/2012
  • Episode 9Journey to Xilbalba7/28/2013
  • Episode 9Till Death Do Us Part8/17/2014
  • Episode 9Reunion8/23/2015
  • Episode 9ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 5 - Anthony6/30/2014
  • Episode 10ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 6 - Cochise6/30/2014
  • Episode 10Reborn8/30/2015
  • Episode 10Drawing Straws8/24/2014
  • Episode 10Brazil8/4/2013
  • Episode 10A More Perfect Union8/19/2012
  • Episode 10Eight Hours8/7/2011
  • Episode 11Space Oddity8/31/2014
  • Episode 11ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 7 - Finale6/30/2014
  • Episode 12Shoot the Moon8/31/2014

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