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Watch Friday Night Lights Online

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Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights is a television show highlighting the small town of Dillon, Texas, and the football team therein. During the first season, the Dillon High School Panthers experience some major changes - the loss of their quarterback, Jason Street, and the brand new head coach, Eric Taylor. Friday Night Lights entertains audiences with the hopes and dreams of the football team and lifeblood of Dillon, all while highlighting the dramatic lives of high school football players.

In the tiny town of Dillon, the only thing that matters to each member is Friday night, where the town comes together to celebrate the Dillon Panthers. We follow Jason Street, whose potentially long term career is cut short by one wrong hit on the field. We also follow Tim Riggins, the town failure who has fallen in love with the old quarterback's girlfriend; coincidentally, also the best friend of Jason Street. Lyla Garrity, the town princess, daughter of the local car salesman, learns how to follow her dreams while staying true to herself.

The main storyline fo Friday Night Lights follows the Taylor family as they adjust to life in Dillon, a new baby girl, and the stress of becoming head coach for the town's football team. They have a teenager, who must also adjust to life in Dillon where friends can be tricky. Eric and his wife Tami, along with their daughter, Julie, learn how to love each other in the midst of the pressures of high school football.


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Friday Night Lights Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Friday Night Lights with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1Pilot10/3/2006
  • Episode 1Last Days of Summer10/5/2007
  • Episode 1Behind the Lights - Creating the first seasonNot Available
  • Episode 1I Knew You When10/1/2008
  • Episode 1East of Dillon10/28/2009
  • Episode 1Expectations10/27/2010
  • Episode 2On the Outside Looking In11/3/2010
  • Episode 2After the Fall11/4/2009
  • Episode 22008 PaleyFest Panel with Cast & CrewNot Available
  • Episode 2Tami Knows Best10/8/2008
  • Episode 2Bad Ideas10/12/2007
  • Episode 2Eyes Wide Open10/10/2006
  • Episode 3Wind Sprints10/17/2006
  • Episode 3Are You Ready for Friday Night?10/19/2007
  • Episode 3How the Other Half Lives10/15/2008
  • Episode 3Season 4 Behind the Scenes DIRECTV PromoNot Available
  • Episode 3In the Skin of a Lion11/11/2009
  • Episode 3The Right Hand of the Father11/10/2010
  • Episode 4Keep Looking11/17/2010
  • Episode 4A Sort of Homecoming11/18/2009
  • Episode 4EW Reunites the Cast Of Friday Night Lights9/14/2016
  • Episode 4Hello, Goodbye10/22/2008
  • Episode 4Backfire10/26/2007
  • Episode 4Who's Your Daddy10/24/2006
  • Episode 5Git 'Er Done10/30/2006
  • Episode 5Let's Get It On11/2/2007
  • Episode 5Every Rose Has Its Thorn10/29/2008
  • Episode 5The Son12/2/2009
  • Episode 5Kingdom12/1/2010
  • Episode 6Swerve12/8/2010
  • Episode 6Stay12/9/2009
  • Episode 6It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy11/5/2008
  • Episode 6How Did I Get Here?11/9/2007
  • Episode 6El Accidente11/7/2006
  • Episode 7Homecoming11/14/2006
  • Episode 7Pantherama!11/16/2007
  • Episode 7Keeping Up Appearances11/12/2008
  • Episode 7In the Bag12/16/2009
  • Episode 7Perfect Record12/15/2010
  • Episode 8Fracture1/5/2011
  • Episode 8Toilet Bowl1/6/2010
  • Episode 8New York, New York11/19/2008
  • Episode 8Seeing Other People11/30/2007
  • Episode 8Crossing the Line11/28/2006
  • Episode 9Full Hearts12/5/2006
  • Episode 9The Confession12/7/2007
  • Episode 9Game of the Week12/3/2008
  • Episode 9The Lights of Carrol Park1/13/2010
  • Episode 9Gut Check1/12/2011
  • Episode 10Don't Go1/19/2011
  • Episode 10I Can't1/20/2010
  • Episode 10The Giving Tree12/10/2008
  • Episode 10There Goes the Neighborhood1/4/2008
  • Episode 10It's Different for Girls12/12/2006
  • Episode 11Nevermind1/3/2007
  • Episode 11Jumping the Gun1/11/2008
  • Episode 11A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall12/17/2008
  • Episode 11Injury List1/27/2010
  • Episode 11The March1/26/2011
  • Episode 12Texas Whatever2/2/2011
  • Episode 12Laboring2/3/2010
  • Episode 12Underdogs1/7/2009
  • Episode 12Who Do You Think You Are?1/18/2008
  • Episode 12What to Do While You're Waiting1/10/2007
  • Episode 13Little Girl I Wanna Marry You1/24/2007
  • Episode 13Humble Pie1/25/2008
  • Episode 13Tomorrow Blues1/14/2009
  • Episode 13Thanksgiving2/10/2010
  • Episode 13Always2/9/2011
  • Episode 14Leave No One Behind2/1/2008
  • Episode 14Upping the Ante1/31/2007
  • Episode 15Blinders2/7/2007
  • Episode 15May the Best Man Win2/8/2008
  • Episode 16Black Eyes & Broken Hearts2/14/2007
  • Episode 17I Think We Should Have Sex2/21/2007
  • Episode 18Extended Families2/28/2007
  • Episode 19Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes3/21/2007
  • Episode 20Mud Bowl3/28/2007
  • Episode 21Best Laid Plans4/4/2007
  • Episode 22State4/11/2007

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