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Fox television and Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy have done it again, with yet another great comedy drama, and musical, if you will. Glee is the story of a former show choir / glee club star, who grew up to be the Spanish teacher at his school, and then decides that the revival of the school's glee club will not only be great for the talented teens that don't have much else going for them, but also will bring his own creative spark back to life. A talented cast of newcomers mixed with seasoned pros like Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch are sure to make this new and exciting Wednesday night show, a hit. Packed with music, comedy and no shortage of drama, Glee promises to entertain you with singing and dancing, teen angst, intelligent humor and a touching story that anyone who has ever had that dream to shine, whether on a stage or just for their peers in general, can relate to.

A truly new kind of television experience is Glee. If you've ever been in any high school music club, sport, or any competitive field, this lighthearted and cleverly written hour of TV will speak to you. There is one of all of us in the diversity of teen characters, the jock, the starlet, the diva, the outcast, the nerd and the effeminate choral guy, all extremely talented and all completely palatable. Glee invites us into a world of the classic underdog struggle, and we've all been there.
Tuesday at 8:00 PM on FOX
May 19, 2009
60 minutes


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Glee Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Glee with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1Pilot5/19/2009
  • Episode 1Audition9/21/2010
  • Episode 1The Purple Piano Project9/20/2011
  • Episode 1Glee: The 3D Concert Movie8/12/2011
  • Episode 1The New Rachel9/13/2012
  • Episode 1Love, Love, Love9/26/2013
  • Episode 1Loser Like Me1/9/2015
  • Episode 2Homecoming1/9/2015
  • Episode 2Tina in the Sky with Diamonds10/3/2013
  • Episode 2Britney 2.09/20/2012
  • Episode 2Glee: Encore9/19/2011
  • Episode 2I Am Unicorn9/27/2011
  • Episode 2Britney/Brittany9/28/2010
  • Episode 2Showmance9/9/2009
  • Episode 3Acafellas9/16/2009
  • Episode 3Grilled Cheesus10/5/2010
  • Episode 3Asian F10/4/2011
  • Episode 3Makeover9/27/2012
  • Episode 3The Quarterback10/10/2013
  • Episode 3Jagged Little Tapestry1/16/2015
  • Episode 4The Hurt Locker (1)1/23/2015
  • Episode 4A Katy or a Gaga11/7/2013
  • Episode 4The Break-Up10/4/2012
  • Episode 4Pot o' Gold11/1/2011
  • Episode 4Duets10/12/2010
  • Episode 4Preggers9/23/2009
  • Episode 5The Rhodes Not Taken9/30/2009
  • Episode 5The Rocky Horror Glee Show10/26/2010
  • Episode 5The First Time11/8/2011
  • Episode 5The Role You Were Born to Play11/8/2012
  • Episode 5The End of Twerk11/14/2013
  • Episode 5The Hurt Locker (2)1/30/2015
  • Episode 6What the World Needs Now2/6/2015
  • Episode 6Movin' Out11/21/2013
  • Episode 6Glease11/15/2012
  • Episode 6Mash Off11/15/2011
  • Episode 6Never Been Kissed11/9/2010
  • Episode 6Vitamin D10/7/2009
  • Episode 7Throwdown10/14/2009
  • Episode 7The Substitute11/16/2010
  • Episode 7I Kissed a Girl11/29/2011
  • Episode 7Dynamic Duets11/22/2012
  • Episode 7Puppet Master11/28/2013
  • Episode 7Transitioning2/13/2015
  • Episode 8A Wedding2/20/2015
  • Episode 8Previously Unaired Christmas12/5/2013
  • Episode 8Thanksgiving11/29/2012
  • Episode 8Hold on to Sixteen12/6/2011
  • Episode 8Furt11/23/2010
  • Episode 8Mash-Up10/21/2009
  • Episode 9Wheels11/11/2009
  • Episode 9Special Education11/30/2010
  • Episode 9Extraordinary Merry Christmas12/13/2011
  • Episode 9Swan Song12/6/2012
  • Episode 9Frenemies2/25/2014
  • Episode 9Child Star2/27/2015
  • Episode 10The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester3/6/2015
  • Episode 10Trio3/4/2014
  • Episode 10Glee, Actually12/13/2012
  • Episode 10Yes/No1/17/2012
  • Episode 10A Very Glee Christmas12/7/2010
  • Episode 10Ballad11/18/2009
  • Episode 11Hairography11/25/2009
  • Episode 11The Sue Sylvester Shuffle2/6/2011
  • Episode 11Michael1/31/2012
  • Episode 11Sadie Hawkins1/24/2013
  • Episode 11City of Angels3/11/2014
  • Episode 11We Built This Glee Club3/13/2015
  • Episode 1220093/20/2015
  • Episode 121003/18/2014
  • Episode 12Naked1/31/2013
  • Episode 12The Spanish Teacher2/7/2012
  • Episode 12Silly Love Songs2/8/2011
  • Episode 12Mattress12/2/2009
  • Episode 13Sectionals12/9/2009
  • Episode 13Comeback2/15/2011
  • Episode 13Heart2/14/2012
  • Episode 13Diva2/7/2013
  • Episode 13New Directions3/25/2014
  • Episode 13Dreams Come True3/20/2015
  • Episode 14New New York4/1/2014
  • Episode 14I Do2/14/2013
  • Episode 14On My Way2/21/2012
  • Episode 14Blame It on the Alcohol2/22/2011
  • Episode 14Hell-O4/13/2010
  • Episode 15The Power of Madonna4/20/2010
  • Episode 15Sexy3/8/2011
  • Episode 15Big Brother4/10/2012
  • Episode 15Girls (and Boys) on Film3/7/2013
  • Episode 15Bash4/8/2014
  • Episode 16Tested4/15/2014
  • Episode 16Feud3/14/2013
  • Episode 16Saturday Night Glee-ver4/17/2012
  • Episode 16Original Song3/15/2011
  • Episode 16Home4/27/2010
  • Episode 17Bad Reputation5/4/2010
  • Episode 17A Night of Neglect4/19/2011
  • Episode 17Dance with Somebody4/24/2012
  • Episode 17Guilty Pleasures3/21/2013
  • Episode 17Opening Night4/22/2014
  • Episode 18The Back-Up Plan4/29/2014
  • Episode 18Shooting Star4/11/2013
  • Episode 18Choke5/1/2012
  • Episode 18Born This Way4/26/2011
  • Episode 18Laryngitis5/11/2010
  • Episode 19Rumours5/3/2011
  • Episode 19Prom-asaurus5/8/2012
  • Episode 19Sweet Dreams4/18/2013
  • Episode 19Old Dogs, New Tricks5/6/2014
  • Episode 19Dream On5/18/2010
  • Episode 20Theatricality5/25/2010
  • Episode 20The Untitled Rachel Berry Project5/13/2014
  • Episode 20Lights Out4/25/2013
  • Episode 20Props5/15/2012
  • Episode 20Prom Queen5/10/2011
  • Episode 21Funeral5/17/2011
  • Episode 21Nationals5/15/2012
  • Episode 21Wonder-ful5/2/2013
  • Episode 21Funk6/1/2010
  • Episode 22All or Nothing5/9/2013
  • Episode 22Goodbye5/22/2012
  • Episode 22New York5/24/2011
  • Episode 22Journey to Regionals6/8/2010

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