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Judge Judy
In the summer of 1995, a courtroom show entitled Judge Judy hit the cable airwaves and forever changed the idea of courtroom television. Judge Judy has set the precedent for court room reality TV shows today, making way for shows such as the People's Court and Judge Joe Brown. However, Judge Judy still stands as a beacon of reality court television because of her blunt tell-it-like-it-is attitude that has had audiences captivated for well over a decade.

Each 30 minute episodes features the judge carefully listening over real-life small claims filings. After listening to the plaintiff, defendant and their witnesses, the judge is often able to point out holes and inconsistencies in stories and sternly demand The Truth from the members in her court. Her ability to sense deceit and tear down invalid arguments makes it easy to see why she is such an icon of reality daytime television. On top of her stern judgments and unbiased decisions, Judge Judy also tends to offer visitors of her courtroom advice for their future as her silent, yet iconic bailiff Byrd stands by her side.

The appeal of Judge Judy seems to be, not in an ability to sensationalize her cases to make entertaining television, but to quickly administer justice to those who deserve it. After watching Judge Judy's uncanny ability to control a courtroom with a single look, there is no question why every afternoon thousands of viewers turn in to see her hand out justice to case after case.


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