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Judging Amy
Judging Amy was one of CBS’s more tasteful family dramas. It consisted of good American family morals and a wide range of topics, both controversial and current keeping it on the air for six seasons.

Judging Amy stared Amy Brenneman and Tyne Daly. Amy played a thoughtful and caring judge in family court. Having recently been divorced, Amy has returned home and lives with her mother, played exquisitely by Tyne Daly. Maxine, Amy’s mother does not seem to be short on suggestions for her daughter’s social or professional life. She comes across as bossy and a bit loud but is kind in her way coming out of retirement, to actively speaking up for the children who are “in the system” and the challenges they face.

Amy and Maxine tend to butt heads on a number of topics and they usually each get their way in some sort of morally high compromise. Judging Amy always seemed to take the “high road” and was what America considered a moral American family, although they are a fractured family, they maintain their high moral character throughout. Most episodes intertwined the mother, the social worker, and the daughter, the judge quite well, but a bit unrealistically, regardless it made for what is considered good tv by many.

Judging Amy is aptly named, as it seems she is judged quite often by her mother, who seems to mean well, but at times comes across a bit crass. At the end of the each episode all is usually wrapped up neatly and in tv’s fantasy world everyone is seemingly happily ever after until the next week’s family related crisis.


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