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Modern Family
Modern Family may be the hottest comedy to hit network television in recent memory. Since its debut in 2009, the show has quickly garnered near-iconic status and continues to capture new faithful fans every week. Viewers just can’t get enough of the sharp writing, spot-on casting and clever gimmicks that make the show unique.

The story line revolves around three quirky but loveable Los Angeles area families that are all connected through Jay Pritchett and his children Claire and Mitchell. Want to know a secret? The characters are based on the real-life families of Executive Producers Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan.

Jay Pritchett, the patriarch of this Modern Family, is played to dorky perfection by Ed O’Neill of Married with Children fame. His much younger Colombian wife, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is a Latin spitfire raising a pre-teen son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez). Claire (Julie Bowen) is a married housewife with three kids and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and his gay partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) have adopted a Vietnamese baby, Lily.

Hilarity reigns when the branches of this family tree get intertwined in one ridiculously dysfunctional situation after another. And the gimmick of the characters pausing to speak directly to you, the viewer, keeps audiences coming back for more! If you don’t want to be the odd-person out during water cooler chats in the office, better get on top of things and check out Modern Family!
Wednesday at 9:00 PM on ABC
September 23, 2009
30 minutes


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Modern Family Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Modern Family with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1The Old Wagon9/22/2010
  • Episode 1The Making of Modern Family10/15/2009
  • Episode 1Dude Ranch9/21/2011
  • Episode 1Bringing Up Baby9/26/2012
  • Episode 1Pilot9/23/2009
  • Episode 1Suddenly, Last Summer9/25/2013
  • Episode 1The Long Honeymoon9/24/2014
  • Episode 1Summer Lovin'9/23/2015
  • Episode 1A Tale of Three Cities9/21/2016
  • Episode 1Lake Life9/27/2017
  • Episode 1New Kids on the Block9/25/2019
  • Episode 1I Love a Parade9/26/2018
  • Episode 2Snapped10/2/2019
  • Episode 2The Long Goodbye10/4/2017
  • Episode 2A Stereotypical Day9/28/2016
  • Episode 2Kiss and Tell10/3/2018
  • Episode 2The Day Alex Left for College9/30/2015
  • Episode 2An Aussie Adventure4/23/2014
  • Episode 2First Days9/25/2013
  • Episode 2Do Not Push10/1/2014
  • Episode 2Schooled10/10/2012
  • Episode 2When Good Kids Go Bad9/21/2011
  • Episode 2The Kiss9/29/2010
  • Episode 2The Bicycle Thief9/30/2009
  • Episode 3Come Fly with Me10/7/2009
  • Episode 3Phil on Wire9/28/2011
  • Episode 3Earthquake10/6/2010
  • Episode 3Snip10/10/2012
  • Episode 3The Cold10/8/2014
  • Episode 3Larry's Wife10/2/2013
  • Episode 3Blindsided10/5/2016
  • Episode 3The Closet Case10/7/2015
  • Episode 3A Sketchy Area10/10/2018
  • Episode 3Catch of the Day10/11/2017
  • Episode 3Perfect Pairs10/9/2019
  • Episode 3Final Season Throwback Featurette 10/3/2019
  • Episode 4Pool Party10/16/2019
  • Episode 4Sex, Lies & Kickball10/18/2017
  • Episode 4Torn Between Two Lovers10/17/2018
  • Episode 4She Crazy10/14/2015
  • Episode 4Weathering Heights10/12/2016
  • Episode 4Marco Polo10/15/2014
  • Episode 4Farm Strong10/9/2013
  • Episode 4The Butler's Escape10/17/2012
  • Episode 4Strangers on a Treadmill10/13/2010
  • Episode 4Door to Door10/5/2011
  • Episode 4The Incident10/14/2009
  • Episode 5Coal Digger10/21/2009
  • Episode 5Hit and Run10/12/2011
  • Episode 5Unplugged10/20/2010
  • Episode 5Open House of Horrors10/24/2012
  • Episode 5Won't You Be Our Neighbor10/22/2014
  • Episode 5Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook10/26/2016
  • Episode 5The Late Show10/16/2013
  • Episode 5The Verdict10/21/2015
  • Episode 5Good Grief10/24/2018
  • Episode 5It's the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy10/25/2017
  • Episode 5The Last Halloween10/30/2019
  • Episode 6A Game of Chicken11/6/2019
  • Episode 6Grab It11/9/2016
  • Episode 6Ten Years Later11/1/2017
  • Episode 6On the Same Paige10/31/2018
  • Episode 6The More You Ignore Me11/11/2015
  • Episode 6The Help10/23/2013
  • Episode 6Halloween 3: AwesomeLand10/29/2014
  • Episode 6Yard Sale10/31/2012
  • Episode 6Run for Your Wife10/28/2009
  • Episode 6Halloween10/27/2010
  • Episode 6Go Bullfrogs!10/19/2011
  • Episode 7Treehouse11/2/2011
  • Episode 7En Garde11/4/2009
  • Episode 7Chirp11/3/2010
  • Episode 7Arrested11/7/2012
  • Episode 7A Fair to Remember11/13/2013
  • Episode 7Queer Eyes, Full Hearts11/12/2014
  • Episode 7Phil's Sexy, Sexy House11/18/2015
  • Episode 7Did the Chicken Cross the Road?11/7/2018
  • Episode 7Winner Winner Turkey Dinner11/15/2017
  • Episode 7The Last Thanksgiving11/20/2019
  • Episode 7Thanksgiving Jamboree11/16/2016
  • Episode 8The Alliance11/30/2016
  • Episode 8Tree's a Crowd12/4/2019
  • Episode 8Brushes with Celebrity11/29/2017
  • Episode 8Kids These Days11/28/2018
  • Episode 8Clean Out Your Junk Drawer12/2/2015
  • Episode 8ClosetCon '1311/20/2013
  • Episode 8Three Turkeys11/19/2014
  • Episode 8After the Fire11/16/2011
  • Episode 8Mistery Date11/14/2012
  • Episode 8Great Expectations11/18/2009
  • Episode 8Manny Get Your Gun11/17/2010
  • Episode 9Mother Tucker11/24/2010
  • Episode 9When a Tree Falls11/28/2012
  • Episode 9Fizbo11/25/2009
  • Episode 9Punkin Chunkin11/23/2011
  • Episode 9White Christmas12/9/2015
  • Episode 9The Big Game12/4/2013
  • Episode 9Strangers in the Night12/3/2014
  • Episode 9Tough Love12/6/2017
  • Episode 9The Last Christmas12/11/2019
  • Episode 9Snow Ball12/14/2016
  • Episode 9Putting Down Roots12/5/2018
  • Episode 10Stuck in a Moment12/12/2018
  • Episode 10Ringmaster Keifth1/4/2017
  • Episode 10Episode 101/8/2020
  • Episode 10No Small Feet12/13/2017
  • Episode 10Diamond in the Rough12/12/2012
  • Episode 10Haley's 21st Birthday12/10/2014
  • Episode 10Express Christmas12/7/2011
  • Episode 10The Old Man & the Tree12/11/2013
  • Episode 10Playdates1/6/2016
  • Episode 10Dance Dance Revelation12/8/2010
  • Episode 10Undeck the Halls12/9/2009
  • Episode 11Up All Night1/6/2010
  • Episode 11Slow Down Your Neighbors1/5/2011
  • Episode 11And One to Grow On1/8/2014
  • Episode 11The Day We Almost Died1/7/2015
  • Episode 11Lifetime Supply1/4/2012
  • Episode 11New Year's Eve1/9/2013
  • Episode 11Spread Your Wings1/13/2016
  • Episode 11Sarge & Pea1/11/2017
  • Episode 11A Moving Day1/9/2019
  • Episode 11He Said, She Shed1/3/2018
  • Episode 12Dear Beloved Family1/10/2018
  • Episode 12Blasts from the Past1/16/2019
  • Episode 12Do You Believe in Magic?2/8/2017
  • Episode 12Party Crasher1/16/2013
  • Episode 12The Big Guns1/14/2015
  • Episode 12Under Pressure1/15/2014
  • Episode 12Clean for a Day2/10/2016
  • Episode 12Our Children, Ourselves1/12/2011
  • Episode 12Not in My House1/13/2010
  • Episode 12Egg Drop1/11/2012
  • Episode 13Little Bo Bleep1/18/2012
  • Episode 13Fifteen Percent1/20/2010
  • Episode 13Caught in the Act1/19/2011
  • Episode 13Thunk in the Trunk2/17/2016
  • Episode 13Rash Decisions2/4/2015
  • Episode 13Three Dinners1/22/2014
  • Episode 13Fulgencio1/23/2013
  • Episode 13Do It Yourself2/15/2017
  • Episode 13Whanex?1/23/2019
  • Episode 13In Your Head1/17/2018
  • Episode 14We Need to Talk About Lily1/30/2019
  • Episode 14Written in the Stars2/28/2018
  • Episode 14Heavy Is the Head2/22/2017
  • Episode 14A Slight at the Opera2/6/2013
  • Episode 14Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister2/11/2015
  • Episode 14The Storm2/24/2016
  • Episode 14iSpy2/5/2014
  • Episode 14Me? Jealous?2/8/2012
  • Episode 14Moon Landing2/3/2010
  • Episode 14Bixby's Back2/9/2011
  • Episode 15Heart Broken2/13/2013
  • Episode 15My Funky Valentine2/10/2010
  • Episode 15Princess Party2/16/2011
  • Episode 15The Feud2/26/2014
  • Episode 15I Don't Know How She Does It3/2/2016
  • Episode 15Fight or Flight2/18/2015
  • Episode 15Aunt Mommy2/15/2012
  • Episode 15Finding Fizbo3/1/2017
  • Episode 15Spanks for the Memories3/7/2018
  • Episode 15SuperShowerBabyBowl2/20/2019
  • Episode 16Wine Weekend3/21/2018
  • Episode 16Basketball3/8/2017
  • Episode 16Connection Lost2/25/2015
  • Episode 16Red Alert2/27/2019
  • Episode 16Bad Hair Day2/20/2013
  • Episode 16Virgin Territory2/22/2012
  • Episode 16The Cover-Up3/16/2016
  • Episode 16Spring-a-Ding-Fling3/5/2014
  • Episode 16Regrets Only2/23/2011
  • Episode 16Fears3/3/2010
  • Episode 17Two Monkeys and a Panda3/2/2011
  • Episode 17Truth Be Told3/10/2010
  • Episode 17Other People's Children3/12/2014
  • Episode 17Leap Day2/29/2012
  • Episode 17Best Men2/27/2013
  • Episode 17Royal Visit3/28/2018
  • Episode 17Pig Moon Rising3/15/2017
  • Episode 17Express Yourself3/23/2016
  • Episode 17The Wild3/13/2019
  • Episode 17Closet? You'll Love It!3/4/2015
  • Episode 18The Party4/6/2016
  • Episode 18Five Minutes3/29/2017
  • Episode 18Daddy Issues4/4/2018
  • Episode 18Stand By Your Man3/20/2019
  • Episode 18Spring Break3/25/2015
  • Episode 18Las Vegas3/26/2014
  • Episode 18The Wow Factor3/27/2013
  • Episode 18Send Out the Clowns3/14/2012
  • Episode 18Starry Night3/24/2010
  • Episode 18Boys' Night3/23/2011
  • Episode 19The Musical Man4/13/2011
  • Episode 19Game Changer3/31/2010
  • Episode 19The Future Dunphys4/3/2013
  • Episode 19A Hard Jay's Night4/2/2014
  • Episode 19Election Day4/11/2012
  • Episode 19Grill, Interrupted4/1/2015
  • Episode 19Yes-Woman4/3/2019
  • Episode 19CHiPs and Salsa4/11/2018
  • Episode 19Man Shouldn't Lie4/13/2016
  • Episode 19Frank's Wedding4/5/2017
  • Episode 20All Things Being Equal5/3/2017
  • Episode 20Can't Elope4/10/2019
  • Episode 20Knock 'Em Down4/22/2015
  • Episode 20Mother!5/2/2018
  • Episode 20Australia4/23/2014
  • Episode 20Flip Flop4/10/2013
  • Episode 20Promposal5/4/2016
  • Episode 20Someone to Watch Over Lily4/20/2011
  • Episode 20Benched4/14/2010
  • Episode 20The Last Walt4/18/2012
  • Episode 21Planes, Trains and Cars5/2/2012
  • Episode 21Travels with Scout4/28/2010
  • Episode 21Crazy Train5/11/2016
  • Episode 21Integrity4/29/2015
  • Episode 21Career Day5/1/2013
  • Episode 21Mother's Day5/4/2011
  • Episode 21Sleeper4/30/2014
  • Episode 21The Escape5/9/2018
  • Episode 21Commencement5/1/2019
  • Episode 21Alone Time5/10/2017
  • Episode 22The Graduates5/17/2017
  • Episode 22A Year of Birthdays5/8/2019
  • Episode 22Clash of Swords5/16/2018
  • Episode 22Message Received5/7/2014
  • Episode 22Good Cop, Bad Dog5/11/2011
  • Episode 22My Hero5/8/2013
  • Episode 22Patriot Games5/6/2015
  • Episode 22Double-Click5/18/2016
  • Episode 22Disneyland5/9/2012
  • Episode 22Airport 20105/5/2010
  • Episode 23Hawaii5/12/2010
  • Episode 23Tableau Vivant5/16/2012
  • Episode 23Games People Play5/15/2013
  • Episode 23Crying Out Loud5/13/2015
  • Episode 23See You Next Fall5/18/2011
  • Episode 23The Wedding (1)5/14/2014
  • Episode 24The Wedding (2)5/21/2014
  • Episode 24The One That Got Away5/25/2011
  • Episode 24American Skyper5/20/2015
  • Episode 24Goodnight, Gracie5/22/2013
  • Episode 24Baby on Board5/23/2012
  • Episode 24Family Portrait5/19/2010

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