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Raising Hope
Raising Hope is a television show that made its debut on fox back in September of 2010. It is about a 23 year-old man raising a daughter that was produced as a result of a one night stand. The main cast of the show consists of Lucas Neff, Martha Plimpton, Garret Dillahut and Shannon Woodard. The recurring cast consists of Cloris Leachman, Bijou Phillips, Kate Miccui, Gregg Binkley and Ray Santiago.

The show has also featured guest stars Brandon T Jackson, Amy Sedaris, Jason Lee and Eddie Steeples. The production of Raising Hope began in late 2009. The show is wildly popular and will be returning for a second second. An estimated 7.4 million viewers have tuned into Raising Hope.

The show has also received critical acclaim and been nominated for awards. Raising Hope has been nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy. It has also been nominated for Satellite Award for Best Musical or Comedy Series. The show has also been broadcast in other countries including the Czech Republic, Argentina, Italy and the United Kingdom.


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Raising Hope Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Raising Hope with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1Pilot9/21/2010
  • Episode 1Not Indecent, But Not Quite Decent Enough Proposal10/2/2012
  • Episode 1Prodigy9/20/2011
  • Episode 1Déjà Vu Man11/15/2013
  • Episode 1Unaired Network Pilot9/20/2011
  • Episode 2Burt Bucks11/15/2013
  • Episode 2Sabrina Has Money9/27/2011
  • Episode 2Throw Maw Maw From the House (1)10/9/2012
  • Episode 2Dead Tooth9/28/2010
  • Episode 3Dream Hoarders10/5/2010
  • Episode 3Throw Maw Maw From the House (2)10/16/2012
  • Episode 3Kidnapped10/4/2011
  • Episode 3Ship Happens11/22/2013
  • Episode 4Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent!10/5/2011
  • Episode 4If a Ham Falls in the Woods10/23/2012
  • Episode 4Say Cheese10/12/2010
  • Episode 4Hi-Def11/22/2013
  • Episode 5Happy Halloween10/26/2010
  • Episode 5Don't Ask, Don't Tell Me What to Do10/30/2012
  • Episode 5Killer Hope11/1/2011
  • Episode 5Extreme Howdy's Makeover11/29/2013
  • Episode 6Jimmy and the Kid11/8/2011
  • Episode 6Adoption11/29/2013
  • Episode 6What Up, Bro?11/13/2012
  • Episode 6Family Secrets10/26/2010
  • Episode 7The Sniffles11/9/2010
  • Episode 7Candy Wars11/20/2012
  • Episode 7Burt's Parents11/15/2011
  • Episode 7Murder, She Hoped12/6/2013
  • Episode 8DysfunctionFunction12/6/2013
  • Episode 8Bro-gurt11/29/2011
  • Episode 8The Walk for Runs11/27/2012
  • Episode 8Blue Dots11/16/2010
  • Episode 9Meet the Grandparents11/23/2010
  • Episode 9Squeak Means Squeak12/4/2012
  • Episode 9The Men of New Natesville12/6/2011
  • Episode 9The Chance Who Stole Christmas12/13/2013
  • Episode 10Bee Story12/13/2013
  • Episode 10It's a Hopeful Life12/13/2011
  • Episode 10The Last Christmas12/11/2012
  • Episode 10Burt Rocks11/30/2010
  • Episode 11Toy Story12/7/2010
  • Episode 11Credit Where Credit Is Due1/8/2013
  • Episode 11Mrs. Smartypants1/17/2012
  • Episode 11Hey There, Delilah1/10/2014
  • Episode 12Gambling Again1/31/2012
  • Episode 12Lord of the Ring1/15/2013
  • Episode 12Romeo and Romeo2/8/2011
  • Episode 12Hot Dish1/17/2014
  • Episode 13The Thrilla in Natesvilla1/24/2014
  • Episode 13A Germ of a Story2/15/2011
  • Episode 13What Happens at Howdy's Doesn't Stay at Howdy's1/22/2013
  • Episode 13Tarot Cards2/7/2012
  • Episode 14Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend2/14/2012
  • Episode 14The Road to Natesville1/31/2014
  • Episode 14Modern Wedding1/29/2013
  • Episode 14What Up, Cuz?2/22/2011
  • Episode 15Snip Snip3/1/2011
  • Episode 15Yo Zappa Do (1)1/29/2013
  • Episode 15Sheer Madness2/21/2012
  • Episode 15Anniversary Ball2/7/2014
  • Episode 16Single White Female Role Model3/6/2012
  • Episode 16The One Where They Get High2/28/2014
  • Episode 16Yo Zappa Do (2)2/5/2013
  • Episode 16A Cultish Personality3/8/2011
  • Episode 17Mongooses3/15/2011
  • Episode 17Sex, Clown, and Videotape2/5/2013
  • Episode 17Baby Phat3/7/2014
  • Episode 17Spanks Butt, No Spanks3/13/2012
  • Episode 18Poking Holes in the Story3/20/2012
  • Episode 18Dinner with the Tropes3/14/2014
  • Episode 18Arbor Daze2/19/2013
  • Episode 18Cheaters4/19/2011
  • Episode 19Sleep Training4/26/2011
  • Episode 19Making the Band2/26/2013
  • Episode 19Para-Natesville Activity3/21/2014
  • Episode 19Hogging All the Glory3/27/2012
  • Episode 20Sabrina's New Jimmy4/3/2012
  • Episode 20Man's Best Friend3/28/2014
  • Episode 20The Old Girl2/26/2013
  • Episode 20Everybody Flirts... Sometimes5/3/2011
  • Episode 21Baby Monitor5/10/2011
  • Episode 21Burt Mitzvah: The Musical3/28/2013
  • Episode 21How I Met Your Mullet4/4/2014
  • Episode 21Inside Probe (1)4/10/2012
  • Episode 22I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back (2)4/17/2012
  • Episode 22The Father Daughter Dance4/4/2014
  • Episode 22Mother's Day3/28/2013
  • Episode 22Don't Vote for this Episode5/17/2011

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