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Watch River Monsters Online

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River Monsters
Animal Planet is at it again with the production of River Monsters. Hosted by Jeremy Wade, this show explores the past myths and tales of massive and unique creatures. Most of these immense animals have been forgotten to only stories, thus motivating Wade to investigate and discover The Truth. This documentary sends Jeremy Wade on extreme travels, risking his life on multiple occasions to observe such immaculate animals. Along The Way to identify these forgotten creatures, the documentary series highlights several aspects of past cultures associated with these animals. Taking its viewers all over the world, River Monsters effectively depicts the struggles and challenges necessary for one to overcome the dangers that come with the pursuit of discovery.

Mystery covers all of these various myths, forcing Jeremy Wade to investigate and research on multiple occasions to derive the desired truth. Adding to the danger, Wade also focuses on the feeding habits of these aquatic creatures, explaining many legends of humans endangered by such species. Also airing on The Discovery Channel, ratings for River Monsters are very high, marking it as one of the top shows on both networks. Showing hooked viewers the beauty of nature while also the danger of animals also present around the world, this show is simply a great choice for anyone interested in the wonders of the outside world. Promising to entertain one with the wild side of nature, River Monsters truly keeps one on The Edge of their seat; a thrilling documentary for the adventurous.
Sunday at 10:00 PM on Animal Planet
April 5, 2009
60 minutes


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River Monsters Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of River Monsters with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 0Not Available
  • Episode 1Canadian Horror4/5/2015
  • Episode 1Face Ripper4/7/2013
  • Episode 1Amazon Apocalypse4/6/2014
  • Episode 1Piranha4/5/2009
  • Episode 1Death Ray4/25/2010
  • Episode 1Killer Catfish - Two Hour Special Cut5/31/2009
  • Episode 1The Mutilator4/10/2011
  • Episode 1American Killers4/1/2012
  • Episode 1Deep Sea Demon4/7/2016
  • Episode 1Killers from the Abyss Super-sized Q&A4/24/2017
  • Episode 2Mekong Mutilator4/12/2015
  • Episode 2Death Down Under4/14/2016
  • Episode 2Ice Cold Killer5/1/2017
  • Episode 2Pack of Teeth4/8/2012
  • Episode 2Flesh Ripper4/17/2011
  • Episode 2The Giants3/6/2011
  • Episode 2Killer Snakehead5/2/2010
  • Episode 2Killer Catfish4/12/2009
  • Episode 2Jungle Terminator4/13/2014
  • Episode 2Atomic Assassin4/14/2013
  • Episode 3Killer Torpedo4/21/2013
  • Episode 3River of Blood4/20/2014
  • Episode 3Prehistoric Terror4/19/2015
  • Episode 3Alligator Gar4/19/2009
  • Episode 3Congo Killer5/9/2010
  • Episode 3The Deadliest4/3/2011
  • Episode 3Silent Assassin4/24/2011
  • Episode 3Invisible Executioner4/15/2012
  • Episode 3Coral Reef Killer5/8/2017
  • Episode 3Razorhead4/21/2016
  • Episode 4Return of the Killer Catfish5/15/2017
  • Episode 4Terror in Paradise5/5/2016
  • Episode 4Asian Slayer4/22/2012
  • Episode 4Chainsaw Predator5/1/2011
  • Episode 4The Most Bizarre5/8/2011
  • Episode 4Alaskan Horror5/16/2010
  • Episode 4European Maneater4/26/2009
  • Episode 4Alaska's Cold Water Killer4/26/2015
  • Episode 4Man-Eating Monster5/4/2014
  • Episode 4Colombian Slasher5/5/2013
  • Episode 5Vampires of the Deep5/12/2013
  • Episode 5Bone Crusher5/18/2014
  • Episode 5South Pacific Terrors5/10/2015
  • Episode 5Amazon Assassins5/3/2009
  • Episode 5Rift Valley Killer5/23/2010
  • Episode 5The Lost Reels Amazonian Giant5/27/2011
  • Episode 5Electric Executioner5/15/2011
  • Episode 5Russian Killer5/6/2012
  • Episode 5Volcanic Island Terror5/22/2017
  • Episode 5Invisible Killers5/11/2016
  • Episode 6Malaysian Lake Monster5/29/2017
  • Episode 6Devil of the Deep5/26/2016
  • Episode 6Mongolian Mauler5/13/2012
  • Episode 6Cold-Blooded Horror5/22/2011
  • Episode 6The Lost Reels Himalayan Giant5/27/2011
  • Episode 6Hidden Predator5/30/2010
  • Episode 6Amazon Flesh Eaters5/10/2009
  • Episode 6Africa's Deadliest5/17/2015
  • Episode 6Body Snatcher5/26/2014
  • Episode 6Legend of Loch Ness5/27/2013
  • Episode 7Freshwater Shark5/17/2009
  • Episode 7Demon Fish5/31/2010
  • Episode 7River Monsters Goes Tribal5/29/2011
  • Episode 7Jungle Killer5/30/2011
  • Episode 7Phantom Assassin5/20/2012
  • Episode 8Killer Sharks And Rays4/29/2012
  • Episode 9Killer Weapons5/22/2012
  • Episode 10Lethal Legends5/23/2012
  • Episode 11The Deadliest Encounters5/24/2012
  • Episode 12Untold Stories5/25/2012
  • Episode 13The Deadliest Catfish5/27/2012
  • Episode 14Lair of Giants5/28/2012
  • Episode 15Year of Beasts5/20/2013
  • Episode 16Top Ten Beasts5/24/2013
  • Episode 17Worst Nightmares10/31/2013
  • Episode 18River Monsters LIVE!4/6/2014
  • Episode 19Monster Hunting Secrets5/18/2014
  • Episode 20Killer Mysteries5/20/2014
  • Episode 21Lethal Encounters5/21/2014
  • Episode 22American Horrors5/22/2014
  • Episode 23Jeremy's Favorite Moments (1)4/26/2015
  • Episode 24Jeremy's Favorite Moments (2)4/26/2015
  • Episode 25Jeremy's Favorite Moments (3)5/3/2015
  • Episode 26Jeremy's Favorite Moments (4)5/3/2015
  • Episode 27Jeremy's Favorite Moments (5)5/10/2015
  • Episode 28Jeremy's Favorite Moments (6)5/10/2015
  • Episode 29Jeremy's Favorite Moments (7)5/17/2015
  • Episode 30Jeremy's Favorite Moments (8)5/17/2015
  • Episode 31South American Killers5/17/2015
  • Episode 32Canadian Horror - Alternate Cut5/17/2015
  • Episode 33Killer Treasures5/18/2015
  • Episode 34Size Matters5/19/2015
  • Episode 35African Horrors5/20/2015
  • Episode 36Jurassic-Sized Prehistoric Terror5/25/2015
  • Episode 37Into the Ocean4/7/2016
  • Episode 38Deadly Superstitions4/28/2016
  • Episode 39Invisible Killers5/12/2016
  • Episode 40Killer Discoveries5/19/2016
  • Episode 41Secrets at Sea6/2/2016
  • Episode 42Monster Scars4/30/2017
  • Episode 43Don't Try This at Home5/7/2017
  • Episode 44Aquatic Aliens5/21/2017
  • Episode 45Jeremy's Monster Story5/29/2017
  • Episode 46Heavyweight KillersNot Available

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