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How could a show about nothing become a phenomenon? Just ask Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David and they just might tell you that they have no idea. Seinfeld hit the air waves in 1989 on NBC and twenty years later you can recite a line from any episode and still get a laugh.

With a cast of true "characters", audiences could relate to both characters and situations Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer often found them in. Jerry Seinfeld (A Comedian), George Constanza (Jerry's Best Friend), Elaine Benes (Jerry's one-time Girlfriend and long-time Friend), and Cosmo Kramer (Jerry's next door neighbor) would all find themselves in everyday situations that every audience member could relate to.

The second tier of characters offered equal amount of humor and long lasting impressions. These included, Newman (Jerry's Nemesis), Frank Constanza (George's Father), Uncle Leo (Jerry's Uncle), and George Steinbrenner (Owner of the Yankees where George worked).

But, perhaps it is the third tier of characters that really made Seinfeld popular for nine strong seasons. We were introduced to these characters through Jerry and his friends. We watched as Jerry serial-dated and explained his quirky reasons for it not working out, like her hands were too big or she was a soft talker. It was during the season finale that the audience was reunited with all the characters that caused havoc in Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer's lives. Like, "the Soup Nazi", "the Bubble Boy", and "The Maestro".

Critically acclaimed with awards including an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1993, Golden Globe Award for Best TV Series in 1994, and Screen Actors Guild Award for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series" in 1995, 1997, and 1998, Seinfeld proved lasting power.

Whether Elaine was trying to find out if Jerry's girl friend had fake boobs in the steam room or Kramer was basting himself in his apartment hot tub, there was always something going on that the audience could find ridiculous, hilarious, and unexpected with Seinfeld.
July 1, 1989
30 minutes


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Seinfeld Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Seinfeld with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1The Note9/18/1991
  • Episode 1The Trip (1)8/12/1992
  • Episode 1The Mango9/16/1993
  • Episode 1The Chaperone9/22/1994
  • Episode 1The Engagement9/21/1995
  • Episode 1The Foundation9/19/1996
  • Episode 1The Butter Shave9/25/1997
  • Episode 1The Ex-Girlfriend1/23/1991
  • Episode 1The Seinfeld Chronicles7/5/1989
  • Episode 1Good News Bad News (Alternative pilot)6/28/1990
  • Episode 2The Stake Out5/31/1990
  • Episode 2The Pony Remark1/30/1991
  • Episode 2The Voice10/2/1997
  • Episode 2The Soul Mate9/26/1996
  • Episode 2The Postponement9/28/1995
  • Episode 2The Big Salad9/29/1994
  • Episode 2The Puffy Shirt9/23/1993
  • Episode 2The Trip (2)8/19/1992
  • Episode 2The Truth9/25/1991
  • Episode 3The Pen10/2/1991
  • Episode 3The Pitch9/16/1992
  • Episode 3The Glasses9/30/1993
  • Episode 3The Pledge Drive10/6/1994
  • Episode 3The Maestro10/5/1995
  • Episode 3The Bizarro Jerry10/3/1996
  • Episode 3The Serenity Now10/9/1997
  • Episode 3The Jacket2/6/1991
  • Episode 3The Robbery6/7/1990
  • Episode 4Male-Unbonding6/14/1990
  • Episode 4The Phone Message2/13/1991
  • Episode 4The Blood10/16/1997
  • Episode 4The Little Kicks10/10/1996
  • Episode 4The Wink10/12/1995
  • Episode 4The Chinese Woman10/13/1994
  • Episode 4The Sniffing Accountant10/7/1993
  • Episode 4The Ticket9/16/1992
  • Episode 4The Dog10/9/1991
  • Episode 5The Library10/16/1991
  • Episode 5The Wallet9/23/1992
  • Episode 5The Bris10/14/1993
  • Episode 5The Couch10/27/1994
  • Episode 5The Hot Tub10/19/1995
  • Episode 5The Package10/17/1996
  • Episode 5The Junk Mail10/30/1997
  • Episode 5The Apartment4/4/1991
  • Episode 5The Stock Tip6/21/1990
  • Episode 6Jason + Larry = George (Featurette)11/22/2005
  • Episode 6The Statue4/11/1991
  • Episode 6The Merv Griffin Show11/6/1997
  • Episode 6The Fatigues10/31/1996
  • Episode 6The Soup Nazi11/2/1995
  • Episode 6The Gymnast11/3/1994
  • Episode 6The Lip Reader10/28/1993
  • Episode 6The Watch9/30/1992
  • Episode 6The Parking Garage10/30/1991
  • Episode 7The Cafe11/6/1991
  • Episode 7The Bubble Boy10/7/1992
  • Episode 7The Non-Fat Yogurt11/4/1993
  • Episode 7The Soup11/10/1994
  • Episode 7The Secret Code11/9/1995
  • Episode 7The Checks11/7/1996
  • Episode 7The Slicer11/13/1997
  • Episode 7The Revenge4/18/1991
  • Episode 7Running With the Egg - Making A Seinfeld (Documentary)Not Available
  • Episode 8The Heart Attack4/25/1991
  • Episode 8Queen of the Castle - The Elaine Benes Story (Featurette)11/14/2006
  • Episode 8The Betrayal11/20/1997
  • Episode 8The Chicken Roaster11/14/1996
  • Episode 8The Pool Guy11/16/1995
  • Episode 8The Mom & Pop Store11/17/1994
  • Episode 8The Barber11/11/1993
  • Episode 8The Cheever Letters10/28/1992
  • Episode 8The Tape11/13/1991
  • Episode 9The Nose Job11/20/1991
  • Episode 9The Opera11/4/1992
  • Episode 9The Masseuse11/18/1993
  • Episode 9The Secretary12/8/1994
  • Episode 9The Sponge12/7/1995
  • Episode 9The Abstinence11/21/1996
  • Episode 9The Apology12/11/1997
  • Episode 9Larry David's Farewell (Featurette)11/14/2006
  • Episode 9The Deal5/2/1991
  • Episode 10The Baby Shower5/16/1991
  • Episode 10The Stranded11/27/1991
  • Episode 10The Strike12/18/1997
  • Episode 10The Andrea Doria12/19/1996
  • Episode 10The Gum12/14/1995
  • Episode 10The Race12/15/1994
  • Episode 10The Cigar Store Indian12/9/1993
  • Episode 10The Virgin11/11/1992
  • Episode 10Where's Larry - Seinfeld's Secret Guest Star (Featurette)Not Available
  • Episode 11The Contest11/18/1992
  • Episode 11The Alternate Side12/4/1991
  • Episode 11The Conversion12/16/1993
  • Episode 11The Switch1/5/1995
  • Episode 11The Rye1/4/1996
  • Episode 11The Little Jerry1/9/1997
  • Episode 11The Dealership1/8/1998
  • Episode 11The Chinese Restaurant5/23/1991
  • Episode 12The Busboy6/26/1991
  • Episode 12The Reverse Peephole1/15/1998
  • Episode 12The Money1/16/1997
  • Episode 12The Caddy1/25/1996
  • Episode 12The Label Maker1/19/1995
  • Episode 12The Stall1/6/1994
  • Episode 12The Red Dot12/11/1991
  • Episode 12The Airport11/25/1992
  • Episode 13The Pick12/16/1992
  • Episode 13The Subway1/8/1992
  • Episode 13The Dinner Party2/3/1994
  • Episode 13The Scofflaw1/26/1995
  • Episode 13The Seven2/1/1996
  • Episode 13The Comeback1/30/1997
  • Episode 13The Cartoon1/29/1998
  • Episode 14The Strongbox2/5/1998
  • Episode 14The Van Buren Boys2/6/1997
  • Episode 14The Cadillac (1)2/8/1996
  • Episode 14The Highlights of 100 (1)2/2/1995
  • Episode 14The Marine Biologist2/10/1994
  • Episode 14The Pez Dispenser1/15/1992
  • Episode 14The Movie1/6/1993
  • Episode 15The Visa1/27/1993
  • Episode 15The Suicide1/29/1992
  • Episode 15The Pie2/17/1994
  • Episode 15The Cadillac (2)2/8/1996
  • Episode 15The Susie2/13/1997
  • Episode 15The Wizard2/26/1998
  • Episode 15The Highlights of 100 (2)2/2/1995
  • Episode 16The Burning3/19/1998
  • Episode 16The Pothole2/20/1997
  • Episode 16The Shower Head2/15/1996
  • Episode 16The Stand-In2/24/1994
  • Episode 16The Beard2/9/1995
  • Episode 16The Fix-Up2/5/1992
  • Episode 16The Shoes2/4/1993
  • Episode 17The Outing2/11/1993
  • Episode 17The Boyfriend (1) 2/12/1992
  • Episode 17The Kiss Hello2/16/1995
  • Episode 17The Wife3/17/1994
  • Episode 17The Doll2/22/1996
  • Episode 17The English Patient3/13/1997
  • Episode 17The Bookstore4/9/1998
  • Episode 17Reunion SpecialNot Available
  • Episode 18The Frogger4/23/1998
  • Episode 18The Nap4/10/1997
  • Episode 18The Friars Club3/7/1996
  • Episode 18The Raincoats (1)4/28/1994
  • Episode 18The Doorman2/23/1995
  • Episode 18The Boyfriend (2)2/12/1992
  • Episode 18The Old Man2/18/1993
  • Episode 19The Implant2/25/1993
  • Episode 19The Limo2/26/1992
  • Episode 19The Jimmy3/16/1995
  • Episode 19The Raincoats (2)4/28/1994
  • Episode 19The Wig Master4/4/1996
  • Episode 19The Yada Yada4/24/1997
  • Episode 19The Maid4/30/1998
  • Episode 20The Puerto Rican Day5/7/1998
  • Episode 20The Millennium5/1/1997
  • Episode 20The Calzone4/25/1996
  • Episode 20The Fire5/5/1994
  • Episode 20The Doodle4/6/1995
  • Episode 20The Good Samaritan3/4/1992
  • Episode 20The Junior Mint3/18/1993
  • Episode 21The Smelly Car4/15/1993
  • Episode 21The Letter3/25/1992
  • Episode 21The Fusilli Jerry4/27/1995
  • Episode 21The Hamptons5/12/1994
  • Episode 21The Bottle Deposit (1)5/2/1996
  • Episode 21The Muffin Tops5/8/1997
  • Episode 21The Clip Show (a.k.a. The Chronicle) (1)5/14/1998
  • Episode 22The Clip Show (a.k.a. The Chronicle) (2)5/14/1998
  • Episode 22The Summer of George5/15/1997
  • Episode 22The Bottle Deposit (2)5/2/1996
  • Episode 22The Opposite5/19/1994
  • Episode 22The Diplomat's Club5/4/1995
  • Episode 22The Parking Space4/22/1992
  • Episode 22The Handicap Spot5/13/1993
  • Episode 23The Pilot (1)5/20/1993
  • Episode 23The Keys5/6/1992
  • Episode 23The Face Painter5/11/1995
  • Episode 23The Wait Out5/9/1996
  • Episode 23The Finale (1)5/14/1998
  • Episode 24The Finale (2)5/14/1998
  • Episode 24The Invitations5/16/1996
  • Episode 24The Understudy5/18/1995
  • Episode 24The Pilot (2)5/20/1993
  • Episode 11025 Things You Didn't Know About Seinfeld2/14/2010
  • Episode 121The Seinfeld Story11/25/2004
  • Episode 122How It Began (Documentary)Not Available
  • Episode 123The Breakthrough Season (Documentary)5/17/2005
  • Episode 128Seinfeld Interview - Enough Rope with Andrew DentonNot Available

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