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Watch Star Trek Online

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Star Trek
Back in the late 1960's come a television show unlike any other at The Time. The show was simply titled Star Trek and it would go down in TV history as a media giant having 5 more series with the same name as well as countless movies and legions of fans from every country on the planet.

Star Trek may have snowballed into greatness but didn't start out that way. In the beginning Star Trek was just another misunderstood sci-fi action/drama. The stories that were told by the fearless Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spook the first officer, Dr. Lenard "Bones" McCoy, and the rest of the crew of the starship enterprise unlike many other show at The Time mirrored our own world problems at The Time. Star Trek told the stories and tackle issue that many shows were afraid to touch. Issues like such as drug abuse and racism all in the backdrop of a harmless sci-fi adventure.

Now Star Trek may not have been welcomed with opened arms at The Time it ran on CBS in the late 60's but it was nominated for several awards including Outstanding Dramatic Series (1967, 1968), Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing (1968, 1969), and for Lenard Nimoy who played Mr. Spock Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama (1967, 1968, and 1969.)

Star Trek the original series may have been small in some peoples eyes but to the actors, producers, and the legions of fans it is so much more.


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Star Trek Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of Star Trek with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1The Cage (Original Pilot)10/15/1988
  • Episode 1The Man Trap9/8/1966
  • Episode 1Amok Time9/15/1967
  • Episode 1Spock's Brain9/20/1968
  • Episode 2The Enterprise Incident9/27/1968
  • Episode 2Star Trek's 25th Anniversary Special11/28/1991
  • Episode 2Who Mourns for Adonais?9/22/1967
  • Episode 2Charlie X9/15/1966
  • Episode 3Where No Man Has Gone Before9/22/1966
  • Episode 3The Changeling9/29/1967
  • Episode 3Star Trek: A Captain's Log11/30/1994
  • Episode 3The Paradise Syndrome10/4/1968
  • Episode 4And the Children Shall Lead10/11/1968
  • Episode 4Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond1/1/1996
  • Episode 4Mirror, Mirror10/6/1967
  • Episode 4The Naked Time9/29/1966
  • Episode 5The Enemy Within10/6/1966
  • Episode 5The Apple10/13/1967
  • Episode 5Is There in Truth No Beauty?10/18/1968
  • Episode 6Spectre of the Gun10/25/1968
  • Episode 6The Doomsday Machine10/20/1967
  • Episode 6Mudd's Women10/13/1966
  • Episode 7What Are Little Girls Made Of?10/20/1966
  • Episode 7Catspaw10/27/1967
  • Episode 7Day of the Dove11/1/1968
  • Episode 8For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky11/8/1968
  • Episode 8I, Mudd11/3/1967
  • Episode 8Miri10/27/1966
  • Episode 9Dagger of the Mind11/3/1966
  • Episode 9Metamorphosis11/10/1967
  • Episode 9The Tholian Web11/15/1968
  • Episode 10Plato's Stepchildren11/22/1968
  • Episode 10Journey to Babel11/17/1967
  • Episode 10The Corbomite Maneuver11/10/1966
  • Episode 11The Menagerie (1)11/17/1966
  • Episode 11Friday's Child12/1/1967
  • Episode 11Wink of an Eye11/29/1968
  • Episode 12The Empath12/6/1968
  • Episode 12The Deadly Years12/8/1967
  • Episode 12The Menagerie (2)11/24/1966
  • Episode 13The Conscience of the King12/8/1966
  • Episode 13Obsession12/15/1967
  • Episode 13Elaan of Troyius12/20/1968
  • Episode 14Whom Gods Destroy1/3/1969
  • Episode 14Wolf in the Fold12/22/1967
  • Episode 14Balance of Terror12/15/1966
  • Episode 15Shore Leave12/29/1966
  • Episode 15The Trouble with Tribbles12/29/1967
  • Episode 15Let That Be Your Last Battlefield1/10/1969
  • Episode 16The Mark of Gideon1/17/1969
  • Episode 16The Gamesters of Triskelion1/5/1968
  • Episode 16The Galileo Seven1/5/1967
  • Episode 17The Squire of Gothos1/12/1967
  • Episode 17A Piece of the Action1/12/1968
  • Episode 17That Which Survives1/24/1969
  • Episode 18The Lights of Zetar1/31/1969
  • Episode 18The Immunity Syndrome1/19/1968
  • Episode 18Arena1/19/1967
  • Episode 19Tomorrow is Yesterday1/26/1967
  • Episode 19A Private Little War2/2/1968
  • Episode 19Requiem for Methuselah2/14/1969
  • Episode 20The Way to Eden2/21/1969
  • Episode 20Return to Tomorrow2/9/1968
  • Episode 20Court Martial2/2/1967
  • Episode 21The Return of the Archons2/9/1967
  • Episode 21Patterns of Force2/16/1968
  • Episode 21The Cloud Minders2/28/1969
  • Episode 22The Savage Curtain3/7/1969
  • Episode 22By Any Other Name2/23/1968
  • Episode 22Space Seed2/16/1967
  • Episode 23A Taste of Armageddon2/23/1967
  • Episode 23The Omega Glory3/1/1968
  • Episode 23All Our Yesterdays3/14/1969
  • Episode 24Turnabout Intruder6/3/1969
  • Episode 24The Ultimate Computer3/8/1968
  • Episode 24This Side of Paradise3/2/1967
  • Episode 25The Devil in the Dark3/9/1967
  • Episode 25Bread and Circuses3/15/1968
  • Episode 26Assignment: Earth3/29/1968
  • Episode 26Errand of Mercy3/23/1967
  • Episode 27The Alternative Factor3/30/1967
  • Episode 28The City on the Edge of Forever4/6/1967
  • Episode 29Operation -- Annihilate!4/13/1967

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