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Watch Stargate Atlantis Online

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Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Atlantis is a science fiction spin-off TV show of Stargate SG-1 which in turn was a series created following the hit movie Stargate (1994) starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. The Atlantis series follows a half military and half scientific team from earth to the Pegasus Galaxy where the lost city of the fabled Greek myth Atlantis is now located.

In the series Stargate Atlantis was created by an ancient civilization that fled the Milky Way galaxy. Leaving behind an outpost buried in Antarctica humans come upon it and deciphering their alien language find the location of Atlantis. Using the Ancients “Stargates”, a ring structure that opens a worm hole via a dialing sequence, the human expedition becomes stranded.

The Atlantis military group leader is Lt. Colonel John Sheppard of the USAF played by Joe Flanigan. The Sheppard character is a wise cracking, breaks the rules sort of hero who gets the job done and never leaves people behind. The non-military leader Elizabeth Weir, played by Torri Higginson, was a successful diplomat on earth. She was replaced in season 4 by the actress Amanda Tapping who plays USAF Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter. She originally starred in the Stargate SG-1francise. Another change in leadership came in season 5 with the arrival of Richard Woolsey played by Robert Picardo who ruled by the book which put everyone in danger most of the time.

During the successful five seasons Stargate Atlantis was shown on the Sci-Fi Channel, it won many awards and was nominated repeatedly. Audiences overseas were particularly enthusiastic of the show.


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