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Terra Nova
Terra Nova is a science fiction drama that is set in the future. The show starts in the year 2149 during a time when all life on the planet Earth is threatened with extinction. In order to save mankind, scientists develop a portal to transport people back 85 million years in time. Ignoring all problems with The Time paradox, scientists go ahead and send people back in time.

It is during this time travel that you are introduced to the Shannon Family. Jim Shannon and his wife Elizabeth, with their three children, arrive in Terra Nova, unaware that they have entered a land full of many surprises. Not only do the colonists in Terra Nova have to worry about saving humanity but they must watch out for the man eating dinosaurs and other creatures roaming around their camp. To ensure safety for all colonists, a rough military leader, Commander Taylor has taken it upon himself to govern the new land.

Terra Nova is produced by Steven Spielberg and has been on the receiving end of a large amount of hype. The cast is made up of a lot of unknown actors with a few names some might recognize. Jason O'Mara and Shelley Conn play Jim and Elizabeth Shannon. Commander Taylor is played by Stephen Lang from Avatar. Terra Nova has an interesting story and Steven Spielberg, but it also has a lot of hype. The show could be a tremendous hit for fox or another failure with a weak plot.


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Terra Nova Seasons and Full Episodes

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