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The Moment of Truth
The Moment of Truth was a game show made in the United States in which contestants answer embarrassing and personal question in order to win cash prizes. The Moment of Truth was canceled by fox in August 09. There are 23 episodes in total over the entire length of the shows run. Contestants were hooked up to polygraphs and were required to sign an agreement saying they would not contest the polygraph results. 21 questions were asked in total, each increasing in their general difficulty (embarrassment potential) and if a contestant were to answer every question truthfully they would win a $500,000 dollar jackpot.

A contestant was allowed to stop at anytime and take home the money they had already earned, however, once a question is already asked it must be answered or they lose. No contestant answered all questions truthfully according to the polygraph results but many people still found the show quite interesting. Occasionally a guest would come on the show that knows the person in real life and ask them a tough question. Although a contestant does not have to answer all 21 questions in order to take a prize home, if they answer even 1 question untruthfully they will not receive anything at all.

The first episode brought in over 20 million viewers the first time it ever aired, which was the highest rating for the premier of any television show in that time period. The show was hosted by Mark Walberg and airs on Fox's network TV channel. The Moment of Truth was based on the Columbian "Nothing More than the Truth" television series and many other Countries had their own version of it as well.
Wednesday at 9:00 PM on FOX
January 23, 2008
60 minutes


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