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The Office
The Office is a popular comedy television series that takes a documentary-style look into the daily semantics of office life. The Office follows the lives of several office employees as they work through their various relationships, personality traits, and run-of-the-mill office interactions such as meetings, team-building activities, conflict resolution, etc. Cameras follow the employees around the office (and sometimes out) with the filming style of a documentary where the workers acknowledge the presence of the camera and often provide one-on-one interviews and personal takes.

The Office was originally aired in the United Kingdom by the BBC and was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Since then The Office has become wildly popular in the U.S. and around the world under different titles such as Le Bureau, Stromberg, La Ofis, and La Job.

The form of The Office has been termed a "mockumentary" or "docu-reality".


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The Office Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of The Office with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1The Dundies9/20/2005
  • Episode 1Pilot3/24/2005
  • Episode 1Gay Witch Hunt9/21/2006
  • Episode 1Webisodes: The Accountants7/13/2006
  • Episode 1Weight Loss9/25/2008
  • Episode 1Fun Run (1)9/27/2007
  • Episode 1Gossip9/17/2009
  • Episode 1Nepotism9/23/2010
  • Episode 1The List9/22/2011
  • Episode 1New Guys9/20/2012
  • Episode 2Roy's Wedding9/27/2012
  • Episode 2The Incentive9/29/2011
  • Episode 2Fun Run (2)9/27/2007
  • Episode 2Webisodes: Kevin's Bank Loan7/10/2008
  • Episode 2The Meeting9/24/2009
  • Episode 2Counseling9/30/2010
  • Episode 2Business Ethics10/9/2008
  • Episode 2The Convention9/28/2006
  • Episode 2Diversity Day3/29/2005
  • Episode 2Sexual Harassment9/27/2005
  • Episode 3Office Olympics10/4/2005
  • Episode 3Health Care4/5/2005
  • Episode 3The Coup10/5/2006
  • Episode 3Baby Shower10/16/2008
  • Episode 3Dunder Mifflin Infinity (1)10/4/2007
  • Episode 3Andy's Play10/7/2010
  • Episode 3The Promotion10/1/2009
  • Episode 3Webisodes: The Outburst11/20/2008
  • Episode 3Lotto10/6/2011
  • Episode 3Andy's Ancestry10/4/2012
  • Episode 4Work Bus10/18/2012
  • Episode 4Garden Party10/13/2011
  • Episode 4Dunder Mifflin Infinity (2)10/4/2007
  • Episode 4Niagara (1)10/8/2009
  • Episode 4Sex Ed10/14/2010
  • Episode 4Webisodes: Blackmail5/7/2009
  • Episode 4Crime Aid10/23/2008
  • Episode 4Grief Counseling10/12/2006
  • Episode 4The Alliance4/12/2005
  • Episode 4The Fire10/11/2005
  • Episode 5Halloween10/18/2005
  • Episode 5Basketball4/19/2005
  • Episode 5Initiation10/19/2006
  • Episode 5Employee Transfer10/30/2008
  • Episode 5Launch Party (1)10/11/2007
  • Episode 5Webisodes: Subtle Sexuality10/29/2009
  • Episode 5The Sting10/21/2010
  • Episode 5Niagara (2)10/8/2009
  • Episode 5Spooked10/27/2011
  • Episode 5Here Comes Treble10/25/2012
  • Episode 6The Boat11/8/2012
  • Episode 6Launch Party (2)10/11/2007
  • Episode 6Doomsday11/3/2011
  • Episode 6Webisodes: The Mentor3/4/2010
  • Episode 6Costume Contest10/28/2010
  • Episode 6Mafia10/15/2009
  • Episode 6Customer Survey11/6/2008
  • Episode 6Diwali11/2/2006
  • Episode 6Hot Girl4/26/2005
  • Episode 6The Fight11/1/2005
  • Episode 7The Client11/8/2005
  • Episode 7Branch Closing11/9/2006
  • Episode 7Business Trip11/13/2008
  • Episode 7Money (1)10/18/2007
  • Episode 7The Lover10/22/2009
  • Episode 7Christening11/4/2010
  • Episode 7Pam's Replacement11/10/2011
  • Episode 7The Pod Caster9/7/2010
  • Episode 7The Whale11/15/2012
  • Episode 8The Target11/29/2012
  • Episode 8Recap Special9/8/2010
  • Episode 8Money (2)10/18/2007
  • Episode 8Gettysburg11/17/2011
  • Episode 8Viewing Party11/11/2010
  • Episode 8Koi Pond10/29/2009
  • Episode 8Frame Toby11/20/2008
  • Episode 8The Merger11/16/2006
  • Episode 8Performance Review11/15/2005
  • Episode 9Email Surveillance11/22/2005
  • Episode 9The Convict11/30/2006
  • Episode 9The Surplus12/4/2008
  • Episode 9Local Ad10/25/2007
  • Episode 9Double Date11/5/2009
  • Episode 9WUPHF.com11/18/2010
  • Episode 9Mrs. California12/1/2011
  • Episode 9Threat Level Midnight: The Movie2/18/2011
  • Episode 9Dwight Christmas12/6/2012
  • Episode 10Lice1/10/2013
  • Episode 10Webisodes: The 3rd Floor10/28/2010
  • Episode 10Christmas Wishes12/8/2011
  • Episode 10China12/2/2010
  • Episode 10Murder11/12/2009
  • Episode 10A Benihana Christmas12/14/2006
  • Episode 10Branch Wars11/1/2007
  • Episode 10Moroccan Christmas12/11/2008
  • Episode 10Christmas Party12/6/2005
  • Episode 11Booze Cruise1/5/2006
  • Episode 11Back from Vacation1/4/2007
  • Episode 11The Duel1/15/2009
  • Episode 11Survivor Man11/8/2007
  • Episode 11Shareholder Meeting11/19/2009
  • Episode 11Classy Christmas (1)12/9/2010
  • Episode 11Trivia1/12/2012
  • Episode 11Suit Warehouse1/17/2013
  • Episode 12Customer Loyalty1/24/2013
  • Episode 12Webisodes: The Podcast1/20/2011
  • Episode 12Pool Party1/19/2012
  • Episode 12Classy Christmas (2)12/9/2010
  • Episode 12Scott's Tots12/3/2009
  • Episode 12The Deposition11/15/2007
  • Episode 12Prince Family Paper1/22/2009
  • Episode 12Traveling Salesmen1/11/2007
  • Episode 12The Injury1/12/2006
  • Episode 13The Secret1/19/2006
  • Episode 13The Return1/18/2007
  • Episode 13Stress Relief2/1/2009
  • Episode 13Dinner Party4/10/2008
  • Episode 13Secret Santa12/10/2009
  • Episode 13Ultimatum1/20/2011
  • Episode 13Jury Duty2/2/2012
  • Episode 13Webisodes: The Girl Next Door5/4/2011
  • Episode 13Junior Salesman1/31/2013
  • Episode 14Vandalism1/31/2013
  • Episode 14The Office Retrospective5/16/2013
  • Episode 14Special Project2/9/2012
  • Episode 14The Banker1/21/2010
  • Episode 14The Seminar1/27/2011
  • Episode 14The Chair Model4/17/2008
  • Episode 14Lecture Circuit (1)2/5/2009
  • Episode 14Ben Franklin2/1/2007
  • Episode 14The Carpet1/26/2006
  • Episode 15Boys And Girls2/2/2006
  • Episode 15Phyllis' Wedding2/8/2007
  • Episode 15Lecture Circuit (2)2/12/2009
  • Episode 15Night Out4/24/2008
  • Episode 15The Search2/3/2011
  • Episode 15Sabre2/4/2010
  • Episode 15Tallahassee2/16/2012
  • Episode 15The Faces of Scranton2/9/2006
  • Episode 15Couples Discount2/7/2013
  • Episode 16Moving On2/14/2013
  • Episode 16After Hours2/23/2012
  • Episode 16Manager and Salesman2/11/2010
  • Episode 16PDA2/10/2011
  • Episode 16Did I Stutter?5/1/2008
  • Episode 16Blood Drive3/5/2009
  • Episode 16Business School2/15/2007
  • Episode 16Valentine's Day2/9/2006
  • Episode 17Dwight's Speech3/2/2006
  • Episode 17Cocktails2/22/2007
  • Episode 17Golden Ticket3/12/2009
  • Episode 17Job Fair5/8/2008
  • Episode 17Threat Level Midnight2/17/2011
  • Episode 17The Delivery (1)3/4/2010
  • Episode 17Test the Store3/1/2012
  • Episode 17The Farm3/14/2013
  • Episode 18Promos4/4/2013
  • Episode 18Last Day in Florida3/8/2012
  • Episode 18The Delivery (2)3/4/2010
  • Episode 18Todd Packer2/24/2011
  • Episode 18Goodbye, Toby (1)5/15/2008
  • Episode 18New Boss3/19/2009
  • Episode 18The Negotiation4/5/2007
  • Episode 18Take Your Daughter to Work Day3/16/2006
  • Episode 19Michael's Birthday3/30/2006
  • Episode 19Two Weeks3/26/2009
  • Episode 19Garage Sale3/24/2011
  • Episode 19Goodbye, Toby (2)5/15/2008
  • Episode 19St. Patrick's Day3/11/2010
  • Episode 19Safety Training4/12/2007
  • Episode 19Get the Girl3/15/2012
  • Episode 19Stairmageddon4/11/2013
  • Episode 20Paper Airplane4/25/2013
  • Episode 20Welcome Party4/12/2012
  • Episode 20Product Recall4/26/2007
  • Episode 20Drug Testing4/27/2006
  • Episode 20New Leads3/18/2010
  • Episode 20Training Day4/14/2011
  • Episode 20Dream Team4/9/2009
  • Episode 21The Michael Scott Paper Company4/9/2009
  • Episode 21Conflict Resolution5/4/2006
  • Episode 21Michael's Last Dundies4/21/2011
  • Episode 21Happy Hour3/25/2010
  • Episode 21Women's Appreciation5/3/2007
  • Episode 21Angry Andy4/19/2012
  • Episode 21Livin' the Dream5/2/2013
  • Episode 22A.A.R.M.5/9/2013
  • Episode 22Fundraiser4/26/2012
  • Episode 22Casino Night5/11/2006
  • Episode 22Goodbye, Michael4/28/2011
  • Episode 22Secretary's Day4/22/2010
  • Episode 22Beach Games5/10/2007
  • Episode 22Heavy Competition4/16/2009
  • Episode 23Broke4/23/2009
  • Episode 23The Job5/17/2007
  • Episode 23Body Language4/29/2010
  • Episode 23The Inner Circle5/5/2011
  • Episode 23Turf War5/3/2012
  • Episode 23Finale5/16/2013
  • Episode 24Free Family Portrait Studio5/10/2012
  • Episode 24Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager5/12/2011
  • Episode 24The Cover-Up5/6/2010
  • Episode 24Casual Friday4/30/2009
  • Episode 25Cafe Disco5/7/2009
  • Episode 25The Chump5/13/2010
  • Episode 25Search Committee (1)5/19/2011
  • Episode 26Whistleblower5/20/2010
  • Episode 26Search Committee (2)5/19/2011
  • Episode 26Company Picnic5/14/2009

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