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The Simpsons
A pioneer for animated prime time television, The Simpsons, hit the air waves with more than a bang. Though a cartoon, The Simpsons is an intelligent television show more suited toward the adult population. Debuting in 1989, the show's longevity is due to its intelligent humor and constant jabs at current events. All episodes, in some way, makes a commentary and satirical parody on the middle class American family. This family is made up of Homer Simpson (Father), Marge Simpson (Mother), Bart Simpson (Brother), Lisa Simpson (Older Sister), and Maggie Simpson (Younger Sister).

Marge Simpson acts as the stabilizer for the family and offers some balance in a world that is upside down and inside out. Bart Simpson is the prankster and the trouble-maker; though he still has to deal with bullies and rarely ever gets away with his stunts. Lisa Simpson is the crusader, the feminist activist looking for change and betterment for all. And lastly and often forgotten about due to her lack of speech, Maggie is the baby of the family. With pacifier in tow, Maggie stumbles upon both trouble and greatness, all to everyone's, including her, amazement. And it wouldn't be appropriate to talk about The Simpsons without mentioning their pets, Santa's Little Helper (Dog) and Snowball (Cat); each have been important enough to head line at least one episode.

Set in Springfield, a fictional and typical American town, it is the town's people who really make the show come alive. From cameos of celebrities to townies like Chief Wiggum, the local cop, Mr. Skinner, the schools Principal, and Ned Flanders, the religious next door neighbor, all story lines involve an array of exciting characters who contribute to the overall plot.

Homer Simpson loves two things; beer and donuts. He drinks beer nightly with his buddies at Moe's Pub where he can lament about the issue of the day and get, either no advice or poor advice. His friends include, the neighborhood drunk, Barney Gumble, Homer's co-worker, Lenny, and the local barfly's, Sam and Larry.

Each character brings something crucial to the family dynamic. Homer Simpson is a beer drinking, donut eating, nuclear plant worker, who has made the phrase "Doh" synonymous with his name. Being clueless, both parenting and working as a Safety Inspector at a Nuclear Plant offers many humorous story lines.

Winner of 24 Primetime Emmy Awards, 26 Annie Awards, and a Peabody Award, The Simpsons has something for everyone; it is one of the longest lasting shows for a reason. And if you have been living under a rock for the past twenty-years and have somehow not seen an episode; go, now.


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