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United States of Tara
The hit comedy-drama United States of Tara is a show created by Diablo Cody, with the original idea coming from Steven Spielberg, which got its start airing on Showtime in 2009. Following the life and actions of main character and housewife Tara Gregson, the show documents her families day-to-day lifestyle and depicts her struggle with dissociative identity disorder.

The show is set in Overland Park, Kansas but is filmed in Los Angeles. Toni Collette who plays Tara, has achieved the 2009 Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award in 2010 for Best Actress in a comedy series. The opening sequence also won an Emmy Award. The show has been critically reviewed in a positive light, and is highly regarded by fans and critics alike.

Other characters include Max Gregson (husband), Kate Gregson (teenage daughter), Marshall Gregson (son), and Charmaine Crane (younger sister). Characters that Tara takes on as a result of her condition are Buck, Alice, T, Gimme, Chicken, Shoshana Schoenbaum, and Bryce Craine which all have distinct personality characteristics.
Monday at 10:00 PM on Showtime
January 18, 2009
30 minutes


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