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What many viewers may not know about the TV series, V, is that the original series aired in 1983 as a mini-series based on the novel, It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis. What is even more interesting is that the original novel was based on fascism and in order to be accepted by NBC and the American viewers, Director and Producer, Kenneth Johnson rewrote the script to portray the fascists as aliens.

The modern day TV series, V, begins with an invasion of several mother ships hovering over 29 major cities all over the world claiming peace. With advanced technological capabilities, the "Queen of the Visitors", Anna, insists on their arrival as a peace offering to better medical advances and help planet Earth thrive. Of course, Anna has an underlying agenda that is unclear to both the humans and viewers.

What we do know is that this arrival is not the first to planet Earth; in fact, many Visitors had been living among the humans for many years collecting research. One flaw in Anna's plan takes place when the Visitors on planet Earth begin to adapt to human nature and start to acquire emotional connections and lose the grip Anna has on her people. This group of Visitors who have become traitors to the V's are known as the "Fifth Column". A major threat to Anna, the "Fifth Column" knows why the V's are on planet Earth and, more importantly, know Anna's insistence on peace is a guise to lure human trust and eventually destroy.

There are a few main story lines that drive the plot forward. Erica Evans, an FBI agent convinced that the V's are not who they say they are deals with her son, Tyler, falling for a Visitor. This Visitor is not just anyone but Anna's daughter, sent on a mission to manipulate Tyler and gain his allegiance. A twist occurs when Lisa, Anna's daughter, begins to take on real human emotions. When Anna notices this, she takes matters into her own hands and beats her own daughter publicly blaming the "Fifth Column" on her daughter's vicious attack.

Anna's Main Source to human contact is through Chad Decker, a news anchor. Anna uses Chad's obsession to be a star and manipulates him to be her voice to the people. Chad is quickly drawn to Anna and though he has a deep sense that something is wrong, he pushes that aside to get what he wants.

V is a compelling show that immediately draws you in and makes you want more. Whether it is good writing or Anna's allure; it is clear that American viewers are sold on V.
November 3, 2009
60 minutes


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