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Aliens: The Complete Truth: Startling New Evidence
Aliens: The Complete Truth: We Are Not Alone
Aliens: The Complete Truth: Aliens Among Us
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer
Ancient Evidence: Mysteries of Jesus
Albert Schweitzer
Area 51
Ancient Civilizations: Athens and Greece
Ancient Evidence: Mysteries of the Old Testament
Ancient Civilizations: Land of the Pharaohs
Alien Signs: The Message: The Crop Circle Mysteries
A Brief History of Time
Ancient Evidence: Mysteries of the Apostles
Ancient Civilizations: Rome and Pompeii
Animals in the Wild: Birds in the Wild
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Noah's Ark: Was There a Flood?
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Sodom & Gomorrah
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Tower of Babel
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Walls of Jericho
Ancient Secretsof the Bible: The Fiery Furnace
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Noah's Ark: What Happened to It?
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Moses' Ten Commandments
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Shroud of Turin
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable?
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Samson
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Moses' Red Sea Miracle
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Battle of David & Goliath
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Ark of the Covenant
Alexander the Great: Footsteps in the Sand
Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land: Nova
Angels and Demons Revealed
Anatomy of a Shark Bite
A Life Apart: Hasidism in America
A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary
Ancient Mysteries: Curse of the Hope Diamond
Anastasia: Her True Story
Ancient Mysteries: Guardian of the Ages: The Great Sphinx
A Science Odyssey: Origins
Amazing Mysteries: Dinosaur Extinction
Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance
Alexander the Great: Modern Myth, Classic Legend
Amazing Mysteries: Ancient Prophets
A Science Odyssey: Matters of Life and Death
Ancient Mysteries: The Sacred Waters of Lourdes
Ancient Mysteries: Ancient Rome and Its Mysterious Cities
Area 51 Base: Is Area 51 America's Hidden Spaceport?
Angels: Good or Evil?
Ancient Mysteries: Astrology: Secrets in the Stars
Accidental Inventions
Alexander the Great (2000)
Ancient Mysteries: Pompeii: Buried Alive
Amazing Mysteries: Egyptian Pyramids
Ancient Mysteries: Lost Castles of England
Ancient Mysteries: The Quest for the Fountain of Youth
Ancient Mysteries: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
A Science Odyssey: In Search of Ourselves
Ancient Greece: The Traditions of Greek Culture
A&E's Incredible World of Cats
Albert Einstein
Amazing Mysteries: Ark of the Covenant
Ancient Mysteries: The Hidden City of Petra
Ancient Mysteries: UFOs: The First Encounters
Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches
Ancient Mysteries: Dragons: Myths & Legends
Aliens from Spaceship Earth
An Inconvenient Truth
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