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Watch The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Online

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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, a popular television series in the fifties and sixties, aired its
first show on October 2, 1955. The original show titled "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", ran
in black and white as a thirty-minute show for seven seasons. Season eight introduced an
hour- long show, retitled The Alfred Hitchcock Hour that ran until May 10, 1965.

Famed director, Alfred Hitchcock, noted for his unusual plots, created, directed, and
hosted the show. In true Hitchcock tradition, the shows were dramas, mysteries and
thrillers leaving the viewer often baffled by unpredictable endings. Alfred Hitchcock, an
established director, had been directing films for thirty years before The Alfred Hitchcock
Hour began, but grew to even bigger recognition with the show.

Each episode had it’s own title with an individual cast of actors and actresses. Since
Alfred Hitchcock was a brilliant and admired director, the show’s list of actors and
actresses were the most famous people in Hollywood. Everyone wanted a role in an
episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the show being acclaimed by Time Magazine as
one of the best 100 television shows of all times.

Although the show ended in 1965, it was revived in syndication by several cable networks
from 1985 through 2004. Universal Studios Home Entertainment released the first three
seasons of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" on DVD. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour has become popular again with original viewers and a whole generation of younger viewers who are enthused about the show.
September 1, 1962
60 minutes


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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Seasons and Full Episodes

Find and watch each season of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour with full episode synopsis, actors, related videos, and more. Click on a season and episode below for more information.
  • Episode 1A Piece of the Action9/20/1962
  • Episode 1A Home Away from Home9/27/1963
  • Episode 1The Return of Verge Likens10/5/1964
  • Episode 2Change of Address10/12/1964
  • Episode 2A Nice Touch10/4/1963
  • Episode 2Don't Look Behind You9/27/1962
  • Episode 3Night of the Owl10/4/1962
  • Episode 3Terror in Northfield10/11/1963
  • Episode 3Water's Edge10/19/1964
  • Episode 4The Life Work of Juan Diaz10/26/1964
  • Episode 4You'll Be the Death of Me10/18/1963
  • Episode 4I Saw the Whole Thing10/11/1962
  • Episode 5Captive Audience10/18/1962
  • Episode 5Blood Bargain10/25/1963
  • Episode 5See the Monkey Dance11/9/1964
  • Episode 6Lonely Place11/16/1964
  • Episode 6Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale11/8/1963
  • Episode 6Final Vow10/25/1962
  • Episode 7Annabel11/1/1962
  • Episode 7Starring the Defense11/15/1963
  • Episode 7The McGregor Affair11/23/1964
  • Episode 8Misadventure12/7/1964
  • Episode 8The Cadaver11/29/1963
  • Episode 8House Guest11/8/1962
  • Episode 9The Black Curtain11/11/1962
  • Episode 9The Dividing Wall12/6/1963
  • Episode 9Triumph12/14/1964
  • Episode 10Memo from Purgatory12/21/1964
  • Episode 10Goodbye, George12/13/1963
  • Episode 10Day of Reckoning11/22/1962
  • Episode 11Ride the Nightmare11/29/1962
  • Episode 11How to Get Rid of Your Wife12/20/1963
  • Episode 11Consider Her Ways12/28/1964
  • Episode 12The Crimson Witness1/4/1965
  • Episode 12Three Wives Too Many1/3/1964
  • Episode 12Hangover12/6/1962
  • Episode 13Bonfire12/13/1962
  • Episode 13The Magic Shop1/10/1964
  • Episode 13Where the Woodbine Twineth1/11/1965
  • Episode 14The Final Performance1/18/1965
  • Episode 14Beyond the Sea of Death1/24/1964
  • Episode 14The Tender Poisoner12/20/1962
  • Episode 15The Thirty First of February1/4/1963
  • Episode 15Night Caller1/31/1964
  • Episode 15Thanatos Palace Hotel2/1/1965
  • Episode 16One of the Family2/8/1965
  • Episode 16The Evil of Adelaide Winters2/7/1964
  • Episode 16What Really Happened1/11/1963
  • Episode 17Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog1/18/1963
  • Episode 17The Jar2/14/1964
  • Episode 17An Unlocked Window2/15/1965
  • Episode 18The Trap2/22/1965
  • Episode 18Final Escape2/21/1964
  • Episode 18A Tangled Web1/25/1963
  • Episode 19To Catch a Butterfly2/2/1963
  • Episode 19Murder Case3/6/1964
  • Episode 19Wally the Beard3/1/1965
  • Episode 20Death Scene3/8/1965
  • Episode 20Anyone for Murder?3/13/1964
  • Episode 20The Paragon2/8/1963
  • Episode 21I'll Be Judge - I'll Be Jury2/15/1963
  • Episode 21Beast in View3/20/1964
  • Episode 21The Photographer and the Undertaker3/15/1965
  • Episode 22Thou Still Unravished Bride3/22/1965
  • Episode 22Behind the Locked Door3/27/1964
  • Episode 22Diagnosis: Danger3/1/1963
  • Episode 23The Lonely Hours3/8/1963
  • Episode 23A Matter of Murder4/3/1964
  • Episode 23Completely Foolproof3/29/1965
  • Episode 24Power of Attorney4/5/1965
  • Episode 24The Gentleman Caller4/10/1964
  • Episode 24The Star Juror3/15/1963
  • Episode 25The Long Silence3/22/1963
  • Episode 25The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow4/17/1964
  • Episode 25The World's Oldest Motive4/12/1965
  • Episode 26The Monkey's Paw - A Retelling4/19/1965
  • Episode 26Ten Minutes from Now5/1/1964
  • Episode 26An Out for Oscar4/5/1963
  • Episode 27Death and the Joyful Woman4/12/1963
  • Episode 27The Sign of Satan5/8/1964
  • Episode 27The Second Wife4/26/1965
  • Episode 28Night Fever5/3/1965
  • Episode 28Who Needs an Enemy?5/15/1964
  • Episode 28Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans4/19/1963
  • Episode 29The Dark Pool5/3/1963
  • Episode 29Bed of Roses5/22/1964
  • Episode 29Off Season5/10/1965
  • Episode 30Second Verdict5/29/1964
  • Episode 30Dear Uncle George5/10/1963
  • Episode 31Run for Doom5/17/1963
  • Episode 31Isabel6/5/1964
  • Episode 32Body in the Barn7/3/1964
  • Episode 32Death of a Cop5/24/1963

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