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Watch Desperate Housewives Online

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Desperate Housewives
ABC's multiple award winning show, Desperate Housewives started airing October 3rd of 2004 and has been a hit ever since. This is a day time soap opera at night, but with more of a twist of humor! This program evolves itself around five women who live in the everyday suburbia on Wisteria Lane. The story is narrated by their neighbor, Mary Alice Young, who is played by Brenda Strong, who committed suicide in season one. Many of their trials and tribulations unfold and show that everything is not what is seems like on the outside.

The following women make up this chaotic suburban circus on Desperate Housewives; Susan Mayer, played by Terri Hatcher, is the helpless romantic and believes in getting her fairy-tale ending, Lynette Scavo, played by actress Felicity Huffman, is a determined mother and wife, but still feels the sense of need to make her own individual mark on the world, Bree Hodge, played by Marcia Cross, is the ultimate hostess with the mostess, although her personal demons sometimes appear through her robotic like persona, and finally Gabrielle Solis, played by Eva Longoria Parker, a former model still trying to live her life as it was before.

In Desperate Housewives, we see these women go about their everyday lives and the struggles they encounter. All of them, obviously deal with them in a different way due the array of their personalities, which can be quite humorous. At times the show can be dramatic as well, dealing with murder, secrets and lies between the people they know and love. It will be quite interesting to see what will unfold ion Desperate Housewives this season.


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