IF I CAN DREAM - Online Version of American Idol?

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2009
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Tagged: American Idol, Simon Fuller, Hollywood
IF I CAN DREAM is the first of a new generation of post reality entertainment. IF I CAN DREAM will give
viewers a documentary-like look at what it takes to achieve success and recognition in Hollywood in 2010.
The viewer will watch as an initial group of five young people - a musician, an actor, two actresses and a
model - leave their hometowns and live together high up in the Hollywood Hills. Their every move will be
streamed live online as they rehearse, write music, socialize and plan their careers. Innovative camera and
sensor technology will allow a global audience to interact with the aspiring performers through text, blogs, MySpace, twitter and facebook as the action unfolds in real-time--something that has never been attempted on a global scale before.

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